Merry Christmas

Ian's company had a children's holiday party at a hotel in downtown Bellevue.  The hotel had a beautiful Christmas tree, so obviously we had to take pictures in front of it...

Since it's all about the kiddos, they had a buffet table that was at their level.  It was so cute!!  Max picked some yummy food to eat, and eat it all he did!  They also had an ice cream bar, hot chocolate bar, clowns making balloon swords, cookie decorating station, and SANTA.  Pretty much kid heaven! 

My beautiful girl waiting to meet Santa.

Emma's like, "WTH, why is this guy holding me?"

Emma messing with a not so impressed Max.

My family is here!!    I'll be sharing more later, but I'm going to spend time with my family.  You go do the same! Merry Christmas friends!

Merry Christmas!!

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