Sparkle is the name we gave to our Elf.  I think I was more excited about doing Elf on the Shelf this year, than Max was to see Sparkle that first day.  After he warmed up to her being around the house, he got a little too comfortable with her.  The whole "she watches and goes to tell Santa how you're behaving" meant nothing to him.  Sparkle lasted a whole 5 days.  His behavior took a turn for the not so good, so Sparkle now has to stay at the North Pole.  He's asked about her a couple of times, but I don't think he's quite ready for that concept yet.  Maybe next year.

And so it begins.....

The look on his face...poor kid.  I'm all about traumatizing him this month.  First the Elf, and the smoke detectors.  He's going to have nightmares for life. #momfail

"What's the 'S' for?"-Ian
Umm...her name is Sparkle.

"Why is Sparkle on top tree?"-Max

I thought Sparkle with Timbits was a brilliant idea, until the next day when Max saw Sparkle and she didn't have sugar for him to eat.  "Where my treat Mommy?"

In other news I had my eye doctor appointment yesterday.  I really like Dr. F, and he pops in a breath mint before getting super close to my face. Very thoughtful.  They had to check the pressure in my eyes a few times because the poker thing (no worries, they numb my eye before poking) was way off.  He told me my eyes were fantastic, which I heard as fan 'freaking' tastic!  Always exciting when I hear good news on the eyeballs. 

Today I started 12 Days of Christmas for the husband.  I'm super excited about this (thank you Pinterest. Of course.)  I started off with a classic Christmas movie.  Home Alone.  We'll be watching that tonight.   Did you know it came out in 1990?  I feel old. 

I'm so excited for next week!  My family decided to make the long drive and come spend Christmas with us!  My Dad finally gets to meet Emma!

I leave you with a couple quotes from Max during the VS Show (judge away).  It was the second strutting down the runway and he says, "(sigh) More underwear?"  Then they do a close up of one of the not human angels and says, "Oh! She's wearing a pull-up!"  Laugh we did. 

Happy Friday friends. 

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