Santa Was Here

These two were so excited for Santa to come on Christmas morning!!

He came!!

Emma had so much fun celebrating her first Christmas!  We did take pictures of her opening her gifts, but they are on Ian's phone and I have yet to get them. 

Grandmom and Grandpa got Max a full Steelers uniform. So. Cute.

Pap-pap and Mum-mum got him a foosball table, which he loves. He'll alternate between playing this and then playing with.....

a TRAIN!  Max was sooo excited to see that Santa left him a train, because that's what he asked the big jolly guy at the Christmas party.  

Emma got this adorable outfit from family in NM.  A mini-peacoat. 
I died. 

Christmas was really great this year, and I'm so happy that my family came up to spend it with us.  Max has had someone to play with nonstop, which he loves.  Emma has been in someones arms the whole time and is soaking up the attention.  I know when they leave tomorrow (NO!!!!!) we're all going to be so sad, and I'm going to have to learn to play foosball while holding Emma to keep the littles happy.

Also on Christmas our friends welcomed a sweet baby boy!!!  He was due to make his appearance on the 12th, but he wanted to be the best Christmas gift his parents were going to get this year.  We get to meet him on Sunday, and I'm so excited!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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