That One Day I Caused the Smoke Detectors To Go Off

I'm pretty certain I have scarred Max for life.  We went out of town over the weekend.  We took a trip up to Vancouver to visit our sweet friends, and to watch the Coyotes play the Canucks.

Some highlights: A message from my loves showed during the game, Sparkle found us in Canada and made Max's day, the view from Grouse Mountain. 

Grouse Mountain was a winter wonderland.  Max and Ian were able to ice skate, while Emma and I took selfies.  It was freaking cold (which Max now says because I kept saying it.  "It's freaking cold Mommy."  oops.)  We also went to Stanley Park and road the train to see all the Christmas lights.  It was pretty awesome, but again COLD.

We got home and it was ridiculously cold.  We had the heat going full blast to warm up the place.  I thought it would be lovely to have a fire.  (Ian was at work)  I built a nice looking fire.  I was about to take a picture to Instagram that beauty, but....dun dun dun. The chute was closed.  Ian had closed it before he went to work, and I didn't know this bit of important information.  Smoke came inside, the smoke detectors went off LOUD, and I scared the crap out of Max.  He was glued to my side for the rest of the day.  He also loved telling Grandmom and Daddy all about the smoke and the sound.  

The chute is now open and I will never, ever start up a fire again.  

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  1. I love this!!~ I'm still working on having Gary let me run with the half with you.. I think that would be awesome!!

  2. Love Emma's tongue out in the selfie! Kyra does that all the time! I set our detectors off this week too...forgot a pan was in the oven! Oops!

    1. She sticks out her tongue all the time as well!! It's cute, but I can't help but think of Miley. Thank goodness babies are super cute when they do this. :)