8 Months

We have an 8 month old today folks!  Holy moly!!  

Emma Facts
-She is still toothless.  Let's just say we've had our fair share of cranky days.
-She no longer rolls to where she wants to go, but we've upgraded to army crawl.  Everywhere she goes she looks like she's on a mission.
-She is a lover of all food, especially anything I happen to be eating.
-She is a dancing queen!  The faster the beat the faster she rocks back and forth.
-She went to her first hockey game and I think she loved it.  She slept through the 3rd period, just like her brother used to do when he was a wee one. 
- She hates getting undressed/dressed and it's a serious workout trying to do either.  
-She loves pulling off one sock and leaving it somewhere on her army crawl missions.  
-She still finds Max to be the funniest person ever, but Ian and I can make her LoL now, and we take advantage of this to hear her sweet giggles.  
-She has a nickname from Daddy- Em and Max- Emma girl.  I tend to call her Emma...crazy, I know. 

Happy 8 months sweet girl!  You are showing your personality more and more each day.  Your smile can melt any cold stone heart out there.  Your laugh is infectious.  Your cry is full on divaish and loud. When you get excited your little hands move a mile a minute.  It's so great to see things through your little eyes, and it's even better getting to experience life with you.  Daddy, Max and Mommy love you to the moon and back!

Werk it, just don't twerk it. (EVER)


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We went to the Aquarium a couple weekends ago, and I forgot to post the pictures from our day.  We really enjoyed it, and they had an octopus which was the big hit.  Gross. Me. Out.  Max wasn't a fan either....

Max's reaction makes me laugh so hard every time.  

Max and Ian colored pictures of fish, Emma and I took a selfie (it's what we do), they touched some starfish, admired some sharks, Emma was looking up at some fish that we walked under, and we took in the view (which is always beautiful).

I don't know if you know, but this weekend is the Super Bowl and the Seahawks happen to be playing the Broncos.  Everyone here already has Seahawk pride, but now it's amplified by a million.  I got a Seahawks shirt to wear on Sunday, don't judge me.  I'm not on the bandwagon, I'm just supporting the home team.  I'm totally saying that more for myself than anyone else.  Go Steelers. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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Emma's 1st Hockey Game

Hi! Remember me?  Well holy crap so much has happened in the past week.  I got super, ridiculously sick which is never fun and always leaves me wanting my Mom to come take care of me.  Ian took me to urgent care and I was a hot mess.  I looked so terrible.  I was wearing yellow warm-ups, blue tshirt, brown cardigan, green striped hoodie, bright pink and purple socks, and green shoes.  Hello fashionista!  Turns out I had the stomach flu, and that sucker took me out for 3 days.  Ian was a rockstar and stayed home from work to take care of me and the kiddos.  Bless him.  Who has time to be sick though, not me because we had a fun weekend trip planned to Vancouver!

Saturday we started off our fun trip with a stop at the Seattle Mariners FanFest.  We got there before gates opened and the line...looooonnnggg.  Once inside Max ran the bases, played catch in the outfield, and hit the baseball a few times.  Fun family time.

Then we hopped in the car and off to Canada we went!  The Coyotes were playing the Canucks on Sunday so we went up for a quick trip.  We stayed downtown at a nice and fancy, smancy hotel.  Walking distance to Tim Horton's (a must) and The Keg (yes please) and pretty much everything else.  We walked so much, and I was wearing Emma so the workout I got was a darn good one.
There was a food truck event downtown, and we had some yummy eats!

We went to the game early so that we could see warm ups.  Max and Ian were by the glass, but Emma and I were behind the players bench.  I knew she would get scared, and scared she did.  The tears coming from her little eyes.  I think she was overjoyed to see the Yotes in person.  I know I was!  Shane Doan tapped the glass in front of Max a few times and flipped over a puck.  He made Max's day and maybe year! He keeps saying, "Shane Doan throwed puck at me!"  We saw the captain score a goal and Vermette got a hat trick! All that excitement, but our boys fell to the Canucks in overtime. Boo!   Despite the outcome it was an awesome weekend!

Max and Ian were on tv!!!  (Thanks Mel for the picture!)

Emma dancing it up during the game.

Max making Emma laugh. (Nothing to do with the weekend
but it's too cute not to share.)

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A Girl and a Swing

Yesterday the sun came out to play for awhile, so we immediately got packed up in the car and went to the park.  All the other mommies had the same idea and the park was hoppin'.  Max was so excited to see other kiddos.  I'm so happy his classes start up again next week.  He's missed his friends.

Emma got her first taste at what's to come when she's older and can play with her brother at the park.  She had her first swing ride!  Ride?  You know what I mean.   The minute I pushed her, her little legs went a mile a minute.  She was babbling, smiling, and the girl was in swing heaven.  I think Max added to her excitement because he was on the swing next to her yelling, "wooooooo! woooooooo!" with his arms and legs sprawled out.  Obviously the swing is way more fun than I ever thought.  Max wanted to push Emma so I let him.  He gave her a little push and she came right back at him and knocked him to the ground.

After the joy of swinging Max wanted to go down the "big slide" so off to the big slide we went.  As we're walking I see a flash of blonde hair running around.  It was one of Max's friends from class!  Max was excited! They ran, ran, and ran some more.  He played his little heart out for about 45 minutes.  When it was time to leave you can imagine how happy he was.  He looked at me with pure madness in his eyes and stomped his little foot so hard.  Thank goodness his friend's mama took that as the perfect time for her and her kiddo to leave as well, so that helped a tiny bit.  Well, it didn't really help at all.  Max was still mad.

If the sun is out shining today, you know where to find us.

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Foosball, Football and Giggles

The boys take the game of foosball very seriously.

Max is a total gamer right now and Emma isn't far behind.

Story time before bed. 

Max informing me that football isn't cool, but that it's just a game. 

Nothing but giggles for my girl. That Max is so funny.

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Pack n' Play

Emma had to get a booster shot on Tuesday.  She was one happy little girl until she got poked.  She didn't cry long though, and quickly forgave me when I gave her a mum mum cracker.  Max loves the aquarium at the doctors office, and always looks for Nemo.  

I put Ian's hat on Emma backwards and Max fell back LoLing so hard.  Too bad Emma didn't find it quite as funny.

Someone put baby in the corner...

We brought the pack n' play downstairs so that Emma is some place where she can't roll around and get into something she shouldn't while I'm cooking or cleaning.  Max wanted to play with her and he had so much fun in there with her.  He kept saying, "Wooo wooo! This is fun mommy!" They played great for over 30 minutes, and I got stuff done!  

Tomorrow Ian's going to the Seahawks playoff game.  They play the Saints, if you haven't already heard.  I'm thinking everyone will be home watching the game or at the game, so the kiddos and I might venture out and see what trouble we can get into.  

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R is for....

Last night Max was reading his ABC book to me, which is just a book that has the alphabet and pictures to go with each letter.  He got to the letter 'R' and the pictures are rocket and rabbit.

His giggle...I love this kid. 

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Sore Loser

I'll start off by saying that when it comes to board games Ian and I get pretty competitive (him more so than me). So much so that the game of Yahtzee had to be put away for awhile.  Yahtzee.  If we play games with family or friends it always turns into a girls vs boys thing.  Always.  Max got a few games for Christmas.  Uno Moo (this game is sooooo cute!), Matching, and Chutes and Ladders (my least favorite).  The first time Max won we made a big deal and yelled and clapped.  He magically won every game.   Then Ian and I started to win some of the games, and Max gets down right mad.  There is no yelling or clapping for us when we win.  He'll say, "Oh mannnn! Let's play again.  I try and win!"  He gets this serious look on his face, and we can't stop playing until he wins at least once.  He's also pretty good spinning the wheel for Chutes and Ladders and magically getting the number he needs to climb up the ladder.  Cheater he is, and he doesn't hide it.

Uno Moo- there's a skunk piece and if you get it you have to draw two animals.  When Max gets it he says, "Oh mannnnn! You skunked me!"  This is the one game we could play over and over again.

Matching- The kid is really good and remembering where the pictures are.  He'll flip over a picture and say, "Captain Hook....I saw him before."  and when he matches, "I matched! Yay!"

Chutes and Ladders- blah I really don't like this game.  I had never played it until we played it with Max.  Max loves it and will ask to play it a million times a day.  Not gonna happen. If he wins he'll throw his arms in the air, jump around, and yell "I win! I win! Woohoo!"

We're going to have to work on his attitude when he loses, even though right now it's super cute.  He's just like his Daddy.

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Party Animals

New Years Eve celebrating changes when you are a parent.  We get wild and crazy with board games, appetizers, dessert, sparkling cider/champagne, and some midnight kisses.  This year Ian suggested we get a room with a view of the Space Needle because they do a firework show. Pretty firework show, but no loud noise to bother the kiddos, genius.  Well every other parent out there must have had the same idea, because all rooms were booked.  This year we'll be booking that room in July.

Even though we were staying at home I wanted to be festive for Max, because he's kinda bummed that Christmas is over.  He actually is refusing to believe it and continuously sings Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  Sorry kid, Christmas is still over.

I got suggestions from my best friend (Pinterest..you know me so well.) and went to town.

I made pizza pinwheels, bite size nachos (we made these after having them at the iPic theater), and jalapeno popper pinwheels.

I was super proud of my cupcake clock. S'mores cupcakes that are sinfully good.  My numbers are obviously a tad bit messy, but I can tell you they taste good. 

These two lasted until 11ish, and if we were still in AZ they totally would have made it to the new year.  We played memory, Chutes and Ladders, Uno Moo (3x) so Max was a party animal who tired himself out. 

Ian and I stayed up and watched the ball drop and the firework show at the Space Needle on tv, enjoyed some champagne (1 cup for me because that stuff hits me fast), and stayed up way past midnight.   Ian talked to his parents, and in Alaska they are an hour behind us.  First thing he said was, "Hi! How's 2013 going for you guys?  You should try 2014."  Something along those lines and I was laughing so hard.  Either that was really fun or it was the champagne.

Two days into 2014, and I'm liking it so far.  Here's to a happy, healthy, full of adventures, fun new year!

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