8 Months

We have an 8 month old today folks!  Holy moly!!  

Emma Facts
-She is still toothless.  Let's just say we've had our fair share of cranky days.
-She no longer rolls to where she wants to go, but we've upgraded to army crawl.  Everywhere she goes she looks like she's on a mission.
-She is a lover of all food, especially anything I happen to be eating.
-She is a dancing queen!  The faster the beat the faster she rocks back and forth.
-She went to her first hockey game and I think she loved it.  She slept through the 3rd period, just like her brother used to do when he was a wee one. 
- She hates getting undressed/dressed and it's a serious workout trying to do either.  
-She loves pulling off one sock and leaving it somewhere on her army crawl missions.  
-She still finds Max to be the funniest person ever, but Ian and I can make her LoL now, and we take advantage of this to hear her sweet giggles.  
-She has a nickname from Daddy- Em and Max- Emma girl.  I tend to call her Emma...crazy, I know. 

Happy 8 months sweet girl!  You are showing your personality more and more each day.  Your smile can melt any cold stone heart out there.  Your laugh is infectious.  Your cry is full on divaish and loud. When you get excited your little hands move a mile a minute.  It's so great to see things through your little eyes, and it's even better getting to experience life with you.  Daddy, Max and Mommy love you to the moon and back!

Werk it, just don't twerk it. (EVER)


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