A Girl and a Swing

Yesterday the sun came out to play for awhile, so we immediately got packed up in the car and went to the park.  All the other mommies had the same idea and the park was hoppin'.  Max was so excited to see other kiddos.  I'm so happy his classes start up again next week.  He's missed his friends.

Emma got her first taste at what's to come when she's older and can play with her brother at the park.  She had her first swing ride!  Ride?  You know what I mean.   The minute I pushed her, her little legs went a mile a minute.  She was babbling, smiling, and the girl was in swing heaven.  I think Max added to her excitement because he was on the swing next to her yelling, "wooooooo! woooooooo!" with his arms and legs sprawled out.  Obviously the swing is way more fun than I ever thought.  Max wanted to push Emma so I let him.  He gave her a little push and she came right back at him and knocked him to the ground.

After the joy of swinging Max wanted to go down the "big slide" so off to the big slide we went.  As we're walking I see a flash of blonde hair running around.  It was one of Max's friends from class!  Max was excited! They ran, ran, and ran some more.  He played his little heart out for about 45 minutes.  When it was time to leave you can imagine how happy he was.  He looked at me with pure madness in his eyes and stomped his little foot so hard.  Thank goodness his friend's mama took that as the perfect time for her and her kiddo to leave as well, so that helped a tiny bit.  Well, it didn't really help at all.  Max was still mad.

If the sun is out shining today, you know where to find us.

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