We went to the Aquarium a couple weekends ago, and I forgot to post the pictures from our day.  We really enjoyed it, and they had an octopus which was the big hit.  Gross. Me. Out.  Max wasn't a fan either....

Max's reaction makes me laugh so hard every time.  

Max and Ian colored pictures of fish, Emma and I took a selfie (it's what we do), they touched some starfish, admired some sharks, Emma was looking up at some fish that we walked under, and we took in the view (which is always beautiful).

I don't know if you know, but this weekend is the Super Bowl and the Seahawks happen to be playing the Broncos.  Everyone here already has Seahawk pride, but now it's amplified by a million.  I got a Seahawks shirt to wear on Sunday, don't judge me.  I'm not on the bandwagon, I'm just supporting the home team.  I'm totally saying that more for myself than anyone else.  Go Steelers. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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