Emma's 1st Hockey Game

Hi! Remember me?  Well holy crap so much has happened in the past week.  I got super, ridiculously sick which is never fun and always leaves me wanting my Mom to come take care of me.  Ian took me to urgent care and I was a hot mess.  I looked so terrible.  I was wearing yellow warm-ups, blue tshirt, brown cardigan, green striped hoodie, bright pink and purple socks, and green shoes.  Hello fashionista!  Turns out I had the stomach flu, and that sucker took me out for 3 days.  Ian was a rockstar and stayed home from work to take care of me and the kiddos.  Bless him.  Who has time to be sick though, not me because we had a fun weekend trip planned to Vancouver!

Saturday we started off our fun trip with a stop at the Seattle Mariners FanFest.  We got there before gates opened and the line...looooonnnggg.  Once inside Max ran the bases, played catch in the outfield, and hit the baseball a few times.  Fun family time.

Then we hopped in the car and off to Canada we went!  The Coyotes were playing the Canucks on Sunday so we went up for a quick trip.  We stayed downtown at a nice and fancy, smancy hotel.  Walking distance to Tim Horton's (a must) and The Keg (yes please) and pretty much everything else.  We walked so much, and I was wearing Emma so the workout I got was a darn good one.
There was a food truck event downtown, and we had some yummy eats!

We went to the game early so that we could see warm ups.  Max and Ian were by the glass, but Emma and I were behind the players bench.  I knew she would get scared, and scared she did.  The tears coming from her little eyes.  I think she was overjoyed to see the Yotes in person.  I know I was!  Shane Doan tapped the glass in front of Max a few times and flipped over a puck.  He made Max's day and maybe year! He keeps saying, "Shane Doan throwed puck at me!"  We saw the captain score a goal and Vermette got a hat trick! All that excitement, but our boys fell to the Canucks in overtime. Boo!   Despite the outcome it was an awesome weekend!

Max and Ian were on tv!!!  (Thanks Mel for the picture!)

Emma dancing it up during the game.

Max making Emma laugh. (Nothing to do with the weekend
but it's too cute not to share.)

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