Pack n' Play

Emma had to get a booster shot on Tuesday.  She was one happy little girl until she got poked.  She didn't cry long though, and quickly forgave me when I gave her a mum mum cracker.  Max loves the aquarium at the doctors office, and always looks for Nemo.  

I put Ian's hat on Emma backwards and Max fell back LoLing so hard.  Too bad Emma didn't find it quite as funny.

Someone put baby in the corner...

We brought the pack n' play downstairs so that Emma is some place where she can't roll around and get into something she shouldn't while I'm cooking or cleaning.  Max wanted to play with her and he had so much fun in there with her.  He kept saying, "Wooo wooo! This is fun mommy!" They played great for over 30 minutes, and I got stuff done!  

Tomorrow Ian's going to the Seahawks playoff game.  They play the Saints, if you haven't already heard.  I'm thinking everyone will be home watching the game or at the game, so the kiddos and I might venture out and see what trouble we can get into.  

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