Sore Loser

I'll start off by saying that when it comes to board games Ian and I get pretty competitive (him more so than me). So much so that the game of Yahtzee had to be put away for awhile.  Yahtzee.  If we play games with family or friends it always turns into a girls vs boys thing.  Always.  Max got a few games for Christmas.  Uno Moo (this game is sooooo cute!), Matching, and Chutes and Ladders (my least favorite).  The first time Max won we made a big deal and yelled and clapped.  He magically won every game.   Then Ian and I started to win some of the games, and Max gets down right mad.  There is no yelling or clapping for us when we win.  He'll say, "Oh mannnn! Let's play again.  I try and win!"  He gets this serious look on his face, and we can't stop playing until he wins at least once.  He's also pretty good spinning the wheel for Chutes and Ladders and magically getting the number he needs to climb up the ladder.  Cheater he is, and he doesn't hide it.

Uno Moo- there's a skunk piece and if you get it you have to draw two animals.  When Max gets it he says, "Oh mannnnn! You skunked me!"  This is the one game we could play over and over again.

Matching- The kid is really good and remembering where the pictures are.  He'll flip over a picture and say, "Captain Hook....I saw him before."  and when he matches, "I matched! Yay!"

Chutes and Ladders- blah I really don't like this game.  I had never played it until we played it with Max.  Max loves it and will ask to play it a million times a day.  Not gonna happen. If he wins he'll throw his arms in the air, jump around, and yell "I win! I win! Woohoo!"

We're going to have to work on his attitude when he loses, even though right now it's super cute.  He's just like his Daddy.

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