9 Months

Well here we are at our monthly update.  Our girl is 9 months today!!

Emma Facts
-She is still toothless and still angry about it.  I've been swearing for the past few months that one was about to pop out, but I really think this time that her bottom tooth will pop out!
-She can now crawl!  She takes a few sitting breaks in between her crawling, but it's super cute. 
-She claps!
-She all of a sudden hates baths, baby food, and mum mum crackers.  
-She likes to go for walks to the park (like her brother), and usually falls asleep, missing all the fun.  
-She gets the cheesiest grin on her face when her Daddy gets home.
-She says,  "Ma ma maaaaa." and "Da da daaaaaaa."
-She baby talks up a storm. Max is our translator. 
-She can go from laying on her belly to sitting on her bottom in record speeds. 
-She loves to dance and party it up. 
-She loves to cry, cry, cry. I blame it on the tooth that won't pop out, but is super close to popping out. 

Dear tooth that is making Emma a gem for the majority of our days.  Hurry the heck up and make your appearance.

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J: Max, you need to pick up your toys.
M: Why?

J: Max, don't jump in the puddle. (as he's jumping in a huge puddle having a grand ole' time.)
M: Why?

J: Max, you can't be rough with Emma. (as he's jumping on the bed and nearly lands on her.)
M: Why?

These days no matter what I tell Max he always responds with the dreaded Why? that leads to a conversation that is a never ending circle.

J: Max, it's bedtime.
M: Why?
J: It's late and you have school in the morning.
M: I not tired.
M: because I not sleepy.
J: Why?
M: gives me the death stare.

This conversation didn't teach him anything, because he's asked me Why? about a million and one times today.

We were able to watch Ian play hockey again last night.  I love watching him play.  He's pretty good.  He had quite a few breakaways again and scored an awesome goal.  The look on Max's face.  He's so proud of his Daddy!

Ian also had a penalty last night.  I found it funny, but Max was concerned that his Daddy did something bad.

But he got over it quick when he started playing cars with his new friend. 

Oh this sweet girl.  We went back to the doctor today because she has a rash all over her body.  She had a hypersensitivity reaction to the amoxicillin.   Her ear infection is gone, so that's good.  She's also really happy and the rash doesn't bother her at all.  She was growling up a storm at the doctor and clapping.  Can't believe this little girl will be 9 months in  a few days.  

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This post was meant to be published on Tuesday, but life got in the way and so here we are on Friday....

This past weekend was a busy one.  We took Emma to the doctor because this cold she has wasn't getting better and she started pulling on her right ear.  Sure enough our sweet, fussy, snot filled, still toothless girl has her first ear infection.  Boo!  She has to take amoxicillin for the next ten days, and you think she would be happy because the pink stuff is good.  I loved it when I was younger.  She hates it.  It's a battle to get her to swallow it without her gagging herself.

We went and saw the Globetrotters thanks to our wonderful friend, Melanie.  Max has gone every year since he was born.  This time has been the best.  Our seats were 6 rows off the court, and Max loved every second of it.  He was laughing, dancing, and so into it.  When we got home he started slam dunking.  Pretty impressive dunks for a 3 year old.

Sunday morning Max had some hot chocolate and I looked over at him and he looked so grown up.  You would have thought I was sitting with my 21 year old son, drinking coffee, and talking about the day ahead of us.  

Once we got ready we went off on an adventure.  Ian had thought of something fun for us to do and made it a surprise.  We ended up at Lucky Strike.  We had planned to bowl, but the wait time was ridiculous, so we ended up playing games.  Still a win in our book.   

Sunday night Ian had a hockey game.  It was at a resonable hour so we were able to tag along to cheer him on, and cheer we did!  He got an assist and a breakaway that ended in a goal!  Max was so proud of his Daddy.  

I like my shoes.  Do you like my shoes?

This was her second outfit on Vday, which went better with her mood.  She had a cold, dark heart that day. 

She was bundled up watching Daddy play hockey.  

These three...my heart.  

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Sweet As Can Be

Today is my littlest valentine's first love filled, sappy, mushy Valentine's Day!!  If only I could say she was so happy about it.  This week the girl has been sick, teething, so full of snot, gross coughing little girl.  Who wants to be all lovey dovey when you're feeling like all you want to do is cry?  Even so, I dressed her up for the special day and showed her with love, kisses, and kleenex for her nose that now matches her outfit. 

By the look on her little face, she doesn't care one bit that it's Valentine's Day. Maybe next year....

Sporting the new jammies he got from his Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. He wants to wear his Toy Story jammies while watching Toy Story.   Uh, yes! 

Nothing says I love you like owl bibs, Disney socks and flashcards. 

The rest of our week.....

This is how we spent our week.  Sad, sick, crying that would only stop if she was in my arms.  Not sitting with her toys, not army crawling on the floor, not snacking on her mum mum crackers. Only. In. My. Arms.  So you can imagine how tidy our home is.  Squeaky not so clean. 

This handsome guy got his hands on the Lombardi Trophy.  How cool is that?! 

My sweet boy playing with his friend as school.  

Hope you have a love filled Happy Valentine's Day!!   Eat lots of chocolate, and then go to Target tomorrow and by bags and bags of candy that will be at least 50% off. 

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I had asked Max to put away the powder....

His cars wanted to drive in snow. 

We went to Boise over the weekend!!  It was an amazing trip full of fun, fun, fun.  Ian's bff has 3 boys and a little girl 10 days younger than Emma.  To say that Max had a blast would be an understatement.  He played from the moment he woke up to the moment he passed out.

We took the kiddos to an indoor play place where Max attempted the climb wall, and Emma pulled herself up to standing position.  The boys watched a movie, made a snowman, made lego towers, and just did boy stuff.  Emma had fun playing with her bff, and did what all girls love to do: shop at Target.

Max loved the snow, and especially building a snowman.  Perfect for our singing of Do You Want To Build a Snowman?  Their snowman was still standing when we left.  

Leaving was down right sad and Max wanted nothing of it.  It didn't help that both kiddos were a bit under the weather and now have a gross cough that sounds...gross.   They both seems to be feeling much better today, especially Emma who has it worse.   Poor girl.  Who knew so much snot could come out of a sweet little girl?  Not me. 

Showing off her Daddy like Vanna White shows off a letter. 

So G, your toys taste pretty good.

Reading our favorite of favorite books ever. 

"Now I king of all wild things!!"
And when he said this my heart exploded.  Boom.

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The Super Bowl came and went, and I think Seahawk fans were the only ones who really loved the game.  I felt bad for the Broncos.  I at least wanted to see a good game.  I even showed my support for the Hawks.  Once they won there were fireworks and we could see them from our patio and livingroom window.  Max was a fan.  Today is the parade downtown, but I think we'll be watching it from the comfort of our livingroom couch.  1) it's flipping cold out, and the thought of being in the cold with two small children. Umm no.  2) though I supported the home team, they aren't my team...so yay, but I'm not a 12. (Seahawk fans know what I'm talking about)  

Who doesn't wear a baseball helmet when matching letters to pictures?

Hmmm...I wonder what this book says?

He's using a magnifying glass to look at a bug, and I almost died of the cuteness.

Emma can wear a tiny ponytail.  Again, I almost died.  

We are going on a family trip that is long overdue, and I'm so excited!!!   Max is excited to fly in a plane, and has been talking about it nonstop.  Emma...well she has no idea, but I'm hoping she'll be a great little traveler.  She's become a squirmy little one and I'm not going to lie.  I'm scared.   Ian...he's just as excited as I am.  So let's hope our plane ride is a smooth flight that leaves everyone on the plane happy.

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