9 Months

Well here we are at our monthly update.  Our girl is 9 months today!!

Emma Facts
-She is still toothless and still angry about it.  I've been swearing for the past few months that one was about to pop out, but I really think this time that her bottom tooth will pop out!
-She can now crawl!  She takes a few sitting breaks in between her crawling, but it's super cute. 
-She claps!
-She all of a sudden hates baths, baby food, and mum mum crackers.  
-She likes to go for walks to the park (like her brother), and usually falls asleep, missing all the fun.  
-She gets the cheesiest grin on her face when her Daddy gets home.
-She says,  "Ma ma maaaaa." and "Da da daaaaaaa."
-She baby talks up a storm. Max is our translator. 
-She can go from laying on her belly to sitting on her bottom in record speeds. 
-She loves to dance and party it up. 
-She loves to cry, cry, cry. I blame it on the tooth that won't pop out, but is super close to popping out. 

Dear tooth that is making Emma a gem for the majority of our days.  Hurry the heck up and make your appearance.

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