I had asked Max to put away the powder....

His cars wanted to drive in snow. 

We went to Boise over the weekend!!  It was an amazing trip full of fun, fun, fun.  Ian's bff has 3 boys and a little girl 10 days younger than Emma.  To say that Max had a blast would be an understatement.  He played from the moment he woke up to the moment he passed out.

We took the kiddos to an indoor play place where Max attempted the climb wall, and Emma pulled herself up to standing position.  The boys watched a movie, made a snowman, made lego towers, and just did boy stuff.  Emma had fun playing with her bff, and did what all girls love to do: shop at Target.

Max loved the snow, and especially building a snowman.  Perfect for our singing of Do You Want To Build a Snowman?  Their snowman was still standing when we left.  

Leaving was down right sad and Max wanted nothing of it.  It didn't help that both kiddos were a bit under the weather and now have a gross cough that sounds...gross.   They both seems to be feeling much better today, especially Emma who has it worse.   Poor girl.  Who knew so much snot could come out of a sweet little girl?  Not me. 

Showing off her Daddy like Vanna White shows off a letter. 

So G, your toys taste pretty good.

Reading our favorite of favorite books ever. 

"Now I king of all wild things!!"
And when he said this my heart exploded.  Boom.

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