This post was meant to be published on Tuesday, but life got in the way and so here we are on Friday....

This past weekend was a busy one.  We took Emma to the doctor because this cold she has wasn't getting better and she started pulling on her right ear.  Sure enough our sweet, fussy, snot filled, still toothless girl has her first ear infection.  Boo!  She has to take amoxicillin for the next ten days, and you think she would be happy because the pink stuff is good.  I loved it when I was younger.  She hates it.  It's a battle to get her to swallow it without her gagging herself.

We went and saw the Globetrotters thanks to our wonderful friend, Melanie.  Max has gone every year since he was born.  This time has been the best.  Our seats were 6 rows off the court, and Max loved every second of it.  He was laughing, dancing, and so into it.  When we got home he started slam dunking.  Pretty impressive dunks for a 3 year old.

Sunday morning Max had some hot chocolate and I looked over at him and he looked so grown up.  You would have thought I was sitting with my 21 year old son, drinking coffee, and talking about the day ahead of us.  

Once we got ready we went off on an adventure.  Ian had thought of something fun for us to do and made it a surprise.  We ended up at Lucky Strike.  We had planned to bowl, but the wait time was ridiculous, so we ended up playing games.  Still a win in our book.   

Sunday night Ian had a hockey game.  It was at a resonable hour so we were able to tag along to cheer him on, and cheer we did!  He got an assist and a breakaway that ended in a goal!  Max was so proud of his Daddy.  

I like my shoes.  Do you like my shoes?

This was her second outfit on Vday, which went better with her mood.  She had a cold, dark heart that day. 

She was bundled up watching Daddy play hockey.  

These three...my heart.  

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  1. I love these type posts....Emma is just a few days older than my daughter and the similarities! I have a diva on my hands as well!

    1. When I was reading your monthly update about Miss Kyra, I thought the same thing! The pulling themselves up is so cute!

  2. Looks like y'all are loving Seattle... :)

    1. We really are. :) I hope you love WV!!