The Super Bowl came and went, and I think Seahawk fans were the only ones who really loved the game.  I felt bad for the Broncos.  I at least wanted to see a good game.  I even showed my support for the Hawks.  Once they won there were fireworks and we could see them from our patio and livingroom window.  Max was a fan.  Today is the parade downtown, but I think we'll be watching it from the comfort of our livingroom couch.  1) it's flipping cold out, and the thought of being in the cold with two small children. Umm no.  2) though I supported the home team, they aren't my team...so yay, but I'm not a 12. (Seahawk fans know what I'm talking about)  

Who doesn't wear a baseball helmet when matching letters to pictures?

Hmmm...I wonder what this book says?

He's using a magnifying glass to look at a bug, and I almost died of the cuteness.

Emma can wear a tiny ponytail.  Again, I almost died.  

We are going on a family trip that is long overdue, and I'm so excited!!!   Max is excited to fly in a plane, and has been talking about it nonstop.  Emma...well she has no idea, but I'm hoping she'll be a great little traveler.  She's become a squirmy little one and I'm not going to lie.  I'm scared.   Ian...he's just as excited as I am.  So let's hope our plane ride is a smooth flight that leaves everyone on the plane happy.

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