Sweet As Can Be

Today is my littlest valentine's first love filled, sappy, mushy Valentine's Day!!  If only I could say she was so happy about it.  This week the girl has been sick, teething, so full of snot, gross coughing little girl.  Who wants to be all lovey dovey when you're feeling like all you want to do is cry?  Even so, I dressed her up for the special day and showed her with love, kisses, and kleenex for her nose that now matches her outfit. 

By the look on her little face, she doesn't care one bit that it's Valentine's Day. Maybe next year....

Sporting the new jammies he got from his Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. He wants to wear his Toy Story jammies while watching Toy Story.   Uh, yes! 

Nothing says I love you like owl bibs, Disney socks and flashcards. 

The rest of our week.....

This is how we spent our week.  Sad, sick, crying that would only stop if she was in my arms.  Not sitting with her toys, not army crawling on the floor, not snacking on her mum mum crackers. Only. In. My. Arms.  So you can imagine how tidy our home is.  Squeaky not so clean. 

This handsome guy got his hands on the Lombardi Trophy.  How cool is that?! 

My sweet boy playing with his friend as school.  

Hope you have a love filled Happy Valentine's Day!!   Eat lots of chocolate, and then go to Target tomorrow and by bags and bags of candy that will be at least 50% off. 

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