J: Max, you need to pick up your toys.
M: Why?

J: Max, don't jump in the puddle. (as he's jumping in a huge puddle having a grand ole' time.)
M: Why?

J: Max, you can't be rough with Emma. (as he's jumping on the bed and nearly lands on her.)
M: Why?

These days no matter what I tell Max he always responds with the dreaded Why? that leads to a conversation that is a never ending circle.

J: Max, it's bedtime.
M: Why?
J: It's late and you have school in the morning.
M: I not tired.
M: because I not sleepy.
J: Why?
M: gives me the death stare.

This conversation didn't teach him anything, because he's asked me Why? about a million and one times today.

We were able to watch Ian play hockey again last night.  I love watching him play.  He's pretty good.  He had quite a few breakaways again and scored an awesome goal.  The look on Max's face.  He's so proud of his Daddy!

Ian also had a penalty last night.  I found it funny, but Max was concerned that his Daddy did something bad.

But he got over it quick when he started playing cars with his new friend. 

Oh this sweet girl.  We went back to the doctor today because she has a rash all over her body.  She had a hypersensitivity reaction to the amoxicillin.   Her ear infection is gone, so that's good.  She's also really happy and the rash doesn't bother her at all.  She was growling up a storm at the doctor and clapping.  Can't believe this little girl will be 9 months in  a few days.  

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  1. I was say when players go to the penalty box that they are in time out. I'm not sure if i have the mindset of a toddler. oh well.