13.1 Freaking Miles

A few years ago I made a new year's resolution to run a half marathon.  Well finally in 2014 I made good on that resolution.  I finished a half marathon! Holy hell.  I had been training for it, but the most I ran was 8 miles.  One weekend I was suppose to get to 10, but I didn't.  I had read that the Mercer Island half was one of the easiest and flattest courses to run, and people were talking about getting their personal records on the course.  So I was pretty positive going into the run.   Well those people lied.  It's not nice to lie.  That course was a constant up hill.  It's flipping hard to run up-hill forever.  The scenery was beautiful and the weather was so gorgeous.  I did pretty good up until mile 7, and then I was just tired.  My feet started to hurt around mile 9, and I knew if I stopped I wouldn't want to keep going.  The last 6 miles were a mixture of me running and walking.  At 11.5 miles my phone died (when I really needed the music to pump me up), and I was left telling myself "I can and will finish." over and over again.  That last mile was the longest mile of my life.  Ian and the kiddos were at the bottom of the hill right before mile 13 cheering me on.  The ugly cries almost happened.  Hearing them cheer for me and others telling me I was almost done gave me an extra boost in my run.  When I crossed the finish line I cried.   I had just finished 13.1 miles.  13.1 freaking miles.

After the race my legs and feet hurt so bad.  I even said I would never do that again.  With some advice from a friend who has run over 17 half marathons (amazing lady!) and my Dad, I woke up feeling so good.  I know I want to run another half marathon.  Just not an uphill one, so most likely not in WA.  Maybe in AZ....

Before the run I was a nervous wreck.  I wish I would have taken pictures after the race, but once I finished I was just so happy to be done, the blogger in me just wasn't thinking about blogging. Forgive me.  Next one I'll take tons of pictures that you'll feel like you ran it with me. 

Tomorrow the kiddos and I are going to NM to visit my family.  I'm sooooo excited, but also super nervous because I'll be flying by myself with Max and Emma.  Yikes!  Sorry in advance to all strangers that will be flying with us. 

Baby shoes are seriously the cutest things ever. 

Her pearly whites that are sharp as razors. 

Max fell asleep holding onto his balloon.  It almost flew out the car when we were getting situated, but Ian was lightning fast and caught it before we lost it forever.  

Two more things:

1.) Our really close friends lost their nephew to SIDS, and on April 16 is Liam's birthday.  His mommy made a facebook event (Love, Liam) to honor her sweet boy.  It would be awesome if you could go check out the event, and even better share it on your facebook.  The more people involved will make this day super special for his family and all those that love and miss him. 

2.) Happy Birthday to the man that Max calls his best friend, the one who gives Max and Emma rocket rides up the stairs, plays every sport imaginable with Max, gives super hero hugs, and gives tremendous amounts of support and encouragement to me every day.  I love you Ian!  We love you to the moon and back. 


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Baby Jail

Sorry, no stories to share.  I'm running on 4ish hours of sleep.  Emma thinks she's a newborn again and wakes up every couple hours.  Well, that and she fell asleep really early last night so that didn't help either.  I'll be drinking coffee all day.  ALL. DAY.

Please get me out...

Isn't playing in the box fun Emma? 
(I think I'll mail you to visit Grandmom and Grandpa...)

Let me out!!

Me and Emma.   Cheeks for days. 

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Max woke up the other morning and said to me:

Max: Mommy!  I have deal for you.  I play with your phone while you make me breakfast.

He made the deal sound good too, so I think he has a future in sales.   He's so funny.  He almost always wakes up in a playful mood and full of giggles.   His mood is even better on days where he knows he has school.  I drop him off, he looks back at me and smiles, and goes to play with one of his classmates.

When I picked him up he left class with an art project in hand.  An igloo made from marshmallows and lots and lots of glue.  I had Emma in one arm, and the project in my other hand.  Emma saw this has her opportunity to strike, and strike she did.  She grabbed a tiny fist full of marshmallows and went directly to her mouth.  I yelled, "NOOOOOoooooooo!!" which scared the hell out of her and her fist never made it to her mouth.  She's fast.  Max was mad because he's art project was ruined by the hand of his sister.  Now we know not to let Emma come in close contact with any of his projects dripping with glue.

We also went to the park on Tuesday, because the sun was shining and we were meant to be outside.  We were there for two hours, and Max played and played with one of his classmates.  Of course these two would befriend the kid who is playing the roughest.  They end up playing tag and are running around.  They stopped by the teeter totter and the kid pushed it up with Max standing right by him.  The metal seat nailed Max right in the face.  There were tears and blood, and I told him he's not playing with that kid anymore.

Then they make friends with a kid who was climbing over kids going down the slide.  Then this wild child would slide down and kick any helpless child who happened to be walking by the bottom of the slide.  I have no clue where his mom was, but I can tell you she wasn't watching him.  Before we left I told Max he could go down the slide one last time.  The wild kid was sitting in the middle of the slide not going anywhere.  So I nicely told him he needed to go down so the other kids could have their turn.  He looks me dead in the eye and tells me, "I know lady! I'm going to slide down!"  He inched his way down as slowly as he could go.  Then Max and his friend came down only to have the wild kid pick up hands of wood chips and throw them up in the air and get All. Over. Us.  I then told the little jerk of a kid he needed to stop, and he yelled and went about his way torturing little kids playing.  Fun stuff let me tell you.

Can I sit in the drivers seat Mommy?

Can I drive now Mommy?

This post took me two days to get done because Emma is constantly on the move and constantly going some place her little self should not be.  I forgot what it was like chasing after a mobile baby.  Oh! Also by the recommendation of other mommies, I  bought Emma an amber necklace to help with her teething.  Game changer people!  She is a totally different baby.  The fussiness is gone and the crying that goes on is her getting pissed at me because I'm keeping her from her idea of fun.  I highly recommend getting one for your teething baby!

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West Sideee

We went exploring yesterday, and I'm so glad we did!  We went to Alki Beach and went for a stroll.  It was So. Ridiculously. Beautiful.   The view...oh man.

After our walk we went to a place called Salty's, and this was the view from the restaurant.  I tried their world's famous seafood chowder, which I was a bit nervous about because I've never had any kind of chowder before, and it was pretty good.  The view was better. 

Before we went on our exploring of the west side I cleaned out the kiddos closets and drawers.  5 bags of clothes that they no longer fit into.  Sad day.  I also found Max's onesies that he would model off each month, and I sat there and shed a few tears.  He was one little baby, and now....

he's a big boy.  He's 3 going on 15 most days.  He's lucky I only had him hold up the onesies and not try and squeeze him into it, because I totally would have....

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Sounders Game

Today was the Sounders home opener and we were all excited that the day had finally arrived, minus Emma who has no clue what's going on in regards to soccer.  We were all decked out in our Sounders gear 1) to show our support for the boys and 2) Chipotle was doing a BOGO free.   When we went to our first game last year I was wearing a pink and white striped shirt at 36 weeks pregnant and stood out like a sore thumb.  Not this year friends.  I looked like I've been a Sounders fan my whole entire life.  We know the truth.

Ian has to work an hour and a half before the game starts up until the 2nd half, so it's me and the kiddos for a long, long time.  The hour and a half goes pretty quick because we walk around the main level and get Max tatted up, get food, and go potty.  We got to our seats, which has us going down many, many steps.  We get cozy and all is good in the world.  Max informs me he has to go potty.  So up the many, many steps we go.  He goes.  I ask if he's certain he's done because once we go down, we're not coming all. the. way. back. up.  We make our way back down to our seats with minutes to spare.  The game starts, Max is excited and Emma could care less.  She does enjoy people watching and charming strangers with her smile. There's about 10 minutes left in the first half and the rain starts coming down.  We make our way up the mountain of stairs to never go back down again.  Max wanted more fries to eat, because he has a bottomless stomach.  I try to find a seat, but all are taken and I'm staring down a family and inching our way to their table.  They got up and we sniped it before any others could call dibs.  Where we sat until Ian was done and could give me an extra set of hands.  Really, it wasn't a bad experience, but with me being with Max and Emma by myself...it's hard. Especially now that Emma has the back arching, crying, tantrum doing down to a T.

The Sounders won in exciting fashion.  A goal was scored in stoppage time.  In your face Kansas City! We got a win AND a free burrito from Chipotle.  #winningallaround

Emma was stoked about the game. 

Seriously Mama, what is the big deal?

I guess we're going to the soccer game today...

Home opener! Let's go Sounders!

Max enjoyed some fries with his ketchup.

Emma still wasn't sure about the game. 

I'm thinking we'll be watching most of the games from the comfort of our home where the kids can run wild and free. 

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Conversations with Max

Last night Max was playing at his art table and he looked at me and asked:

M: Mommy, where does grandmom live?
J: Grandmom lives in New Mexico.
M: Where does pap pap and mum mum live?
J: They live in Alaska.
M: Where do we live?
J: We live in Washington.
M: Where do the clouds live?
J: The clouds are in the sky all over Earth.
M: What does Earth mean?
J Earth is the planet we live on.
M: Oh, okay.

The conversations we have now blow my mind.  There are moments in our day where he causes me to question my parenting skills, but this kid is pretty amazing.  He also helps keep track of Emma and her trouble making ways.

E: Oh, this stairs look like fun.  I think I'll see what's at the top.
....Oh, Mommy you caught me! I'll get up there one day...

The rain cleared today and we booked it to the park to enjoy the nice weather.  Max went down the slides 5 times, and he counts down to zero.  Then moves on to the swings where he tells me to push him high, but not too high.   Lastly, we let Emma in on some of the fun.  When it's time to leave, who throws the tantrum?  Emma.  I have a feeling that her tantrums are going to be on a whole different level  than Max's ever were...I'm scared. 

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Lifity Life

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for a few reasons. 1) Emma is nonstop moving and always on the hunt to find something to put in her mouth, so I have to watch her like a hawk.  2) Finding time to actually sit down and type up something just hasn't been a priority.  3) Life with a teething 9 month old and defiant 3 year old has been hard, and who wants to read about that?  Oh, you do? Okay then.

The Sounders home opener is on Saturday, and the games get loud.  She's ready for the noise!
I only hope she keeps them on. 
"Mommy! I can't hear you!"

She all of a sudden is a big girl and sits on her knees now, and every time I see her like this it makes me giggle because she looks so cute. 

This was after a rough day of crying.  Who has time to smile when you're not happy?

Finally we have some teeth!  She went to the pediatrician for her 9 month check up, and she has 3 teeth cutting though. 3! No wonder my poor girl has been a hot mess. 

I ordered a couple new hats from Almost Peaches and I love how they turned out!  Both will be wearing them to the Sounders game.

Speaking of the Sounders game, Emma picked out her outfit. I die. 

"Look Mommy, Emma wants to be goalie!" as he kicks the ball right at her face. 

"Mommy! We match!"-M

Today was Max's last sports class.  They played a soccer game and he scored two goals!

I took the kiddos to play yesterday at the mall.  The play area is really cute, and both kiddos had fun. 

We went car shopping and they didn't care that it took forever and a day to buy the car.  As long as they were in Daddy's seat causing trouble, Ian could have taken days. 

And it helped that both kiddos napped for an hour during the whole process. 

Now her Divaness is having a tantrum because I stopped her from putting a cord into her mouth.  I'm one mean mommy. Max scolded me telling me,  "Mommy! Emma just wants to play.  Let her play!" Umm..no. 
In other news it's been raining for the past 6 days. Straight.  Go enjoy your sun, and don't tell me about it. 

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