13.1 Freaking Miles

A few years ago I made a new year's resolution to run a half marathon.  Well finally in 2014 I made good on that resolution.  I finished a half marathon! Holy hell.  I had been training for it, but the most I ran was 8 miles.  One weekend I was suppose to get to 10, but I didn't.  I had read that the Mercer Island half was one of the easiest and flattest courses to run, and people were talking about getting their personal records on the course.  So I was pretty positive going into the run.   Well those people lied.  It's not nice to lie.  That course was a constant up hill.  It's flipping hard to run up-hill forever.  The scenery was beautiful and the weather was so gorgeous.  I did pretty good up until mile 7, and then I was just tired.  My feet started to hurt around mile 9, and I knew if I stopped I wouldn't want to keep going.  The last 6 miles were a mixture of me running and walking.  At 11.5 miles my phone died (when I really needed the music to pump me up), and I was left telling myself "I can and will finish." over and over again.  That last mile was the longest mile of my life.  Ian and the kiddos were at the bottom of the hill right before mile 13 cheering me on.  The ugly cries almost happened.  Hearing them cheer for me and others telling me I was almost done gave me an extra boost in my run.  When I crossed the finish line I cried.   I had just finished 13.1 miles.  13.1 freaking miles.

After the race my legs and feet hurt so bad.  I even said I would never do that again.  With some advice from a friend who has run over 17 half marathons (amazing lady!) and my Dad, I woke up feeling so good.  I know I want to run another half marathon.  Just not an uphill one, so most likely not in WA.  Maybe in AZ....

Before the run I was a nervous wreck.  I wish I would have taken pictures after the race, but once I finished I was just so happy to be done, the blogger in me just wasn't thinking about blogging. Forgive me.  Next one I'll take tons of pictures that you'll feel like you ran it with me. 

Tomorrow the kiddos and I are going to NM to visit my family.  I'm sooooo excited, but also super nervous because I'll be flying by myself with Max and Emma.  Yikes!  Sorry in advance to all strangers that will be flying with us. 

Baby shoes are seriously the cutest things ever. 

Her pearly whites that are sharp as razors. 

Max fell asleep holding onto his balloon.  It almost flew out the car when we were getting situated, but Ian was lightning fast and caught it before we lost it forever.  

Two more things:

1.) Our really close friends lost their nephew to SIDS, and on April 16 is Liam's birthday.  His mommy made a facebook event (Love, Liam) to honor her sweet boy.  It would be awesome if you could go check out the event, and even better share it on your facebook.  The more people involved will make this day super special for his family and all those that love and miss him. 

2.) Happy Birthday to the man that Max calls his best friend, the one who gives Max and Emma rocket rides up the stairs, plays every sport imaginable with Max, gives super hero hugs, and gives tremendous amounts of support and encouragement to me every day.  I love you Ian!  We love you to the moon and back. 


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  1. I almost signed up for the Mercer Island Half, but now I'm glad I didn't! Nice job finishing!


    1. It's was tough, but I think if I did it again I would train on the actual course. Beautiful views!