Conversations with Max

Last night Max was playing at his art table and he looked at me and asked:

M: Mommy, where does grandmom live?
J: Grandmom lives in New Mexico.
M: Where does pap pap and mum mum live?
J: They live in Alaska.
M: Where do we live?
J: We live in Washington.
M: Where do the clouds live?
J: The clouds are in the sky all over Earth.
M: What does Earth mean?
J Earth is the planet we live on.
M: Oh, okay.

The conversations we have now blow my mind.  There are moments in our day where he causes me to question my parenting skills, but this kid is pretty amazing.  He also helps keep track of Emma and her trouble making ways.

E: Oh, this stairs look like fun.  I think I'll see what's at the top.
....Oh, Mommy you caught me! I'll get up there one day...

The rain cleared today and we booked it to the park to enjoy the nice weather.  Max went down the slides 5 times, and he counts down to zero.  Then moves on to the swings where he tells me to push him high, but not too high.   Lastly, we let Emma in on some of the fun.  When it's time to leave, who throws the tantrum?  Emma.  I have a feeling that her tantrums are going to be on a whole different level  than Max's ever were...I'm scared. 

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