Max woke up the other morning and said to me:

Max: Mommy!  I have deal for you.  I play with your phone while you make me breakfast.

He made the deal sound good too, so I think he has a future in sales.   He's so funny.  He almost always wakes up in a playful mood and full of giggles.   His mood is even better on days where he knows he has school.  I drop him off, he looks back at me and smiles, and goes to play with one of his classmates.

When I picked him up he left class with an art project in hand.  An igloo made from marshmallows and lots and lots of glue.  I had Emma in one arm, and the project in my other hand.  Emma saw this has her opportunity to strike, and strike she did.  She grabbed a tiny fist full of marshmallows and went directly to her mouth.  I yelled, "NOOOOOoooooooo!!" which scared the hell out of her and her fist never made it to her mouth.  She's fast.  Max was mad because he's art project was ruined by the hand of his sister.  Now we know not to let Emma come in close contact with any of his projects dripping with glue.

We also went to the park on Tuesday, because the sun was shining and we were meant to be outside.  We were there for two hours, and Max played and played with one of his classmates.  Of course these two would befriend the kid who is playing the roughest.  They end up playing tag and are running around.  They stopped by the teeter totter and the kid pushed it up with Max standing right by him.  The metal seat nailed Max right in the face.  There were tears and blood, and I told him he's not playing with that kid anymore.

Then they make friends with a kid who was climbing over kids going down the slide.  Then this wild child would slide down and kick any helpless child who happened to be walking by the bottom of the slide.  I have no clue where his mom was, but I can tell you she wasn't watching him.  Before we left I told Max he could go down the slide one last time.  The wild kid was sitting in the middle of the slide not going anywhere.  So I nicely told him he needed to go down so the other kids could have their turn.  He looks me dead in the eye and tells me, "I know lady! I'm going to slide down!"  He inched his way down as slowly as he could go.  Then Max and his friend came down only to have the wild kid pick up hands of wood chips and throw them up in the air and get All. Over. Us.  I then told the little jerk of a kid he needed to stop, and he yelled and went about his way torturing little kids playing.  Fun stuff let me tell you.

Can I sit in the drivers seat Mommy?

Can I drive now Mommy?

This post took me two days to get done because Emma is constantly on the move and constantly going some place her little self should not be.  I forgot what it was like chasing after a mobile baby.  Oh! Also by the recommendation of other mommies, I  bought Emma an amber necklace to help with her teething.  Game changer people!  She is a totally different baby.  The fussiness is gone and the crying that goes on is her getting pissed at me because I'm keeping her from her idea of fun.  I highly recommend getting one for your teething baby!

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