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Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for a few reasons. 1) Emma is nonstop moving and always on the hunt to find something to put in her mouth, so I have to watch her like a hawk.  2) Finding time to actually sit down and type up something just hasn't been a priority.  3) Life with a teething 9 month old and defiant 3 year old has been hard, and who wants to read about that?  Oh, you do? Okay then.

The Sounders home opener is on Saturday, and the games get loud.  She's ready for the noise!
I only hope she keeps them on. 
"Mommy! I can't hear you!"

She all of a sudden is a big girl and sits on her knees now, and every time I see her like this it makes me giggle because she looks so cute. 

This was after a rough day of crying.  Who has time to smile when you're not happy?

Finally we have some teeth!  She went to the pediatrician for her 9 month check up, and she has 3 teeth cutting though. 3! No wonder my poor girl has been a hot mess. 

I ordered a couple new hats from Almost Peaches and I love how they turned out!  Both will be wearing them to the Sounders game.

Speaking of the Sounders game, Emma picked out her outfit. I die. 

"Look Mommy, Emma wants to be goalie!" as he kicks the ball right at her face. 

"Mommy! We match!"-M

Today was Max's last sports class.  They played a soccer game and he scored two goals!

I took the kiddos to play yesterday at the mall.  The play area is really cute, and both kiddos had fun. 

We went car shopping and they didn't care that it took forever and a day to buy the car.  As long as they were in Daddy's seat causing trouble, Ian could have taken days. 

And it helped that both kiddos napped for an hour during the whole process. 

Now her Divaness is having a tantrum because I stopped her from putting a cord into her mouth.  I'm one mean mommy. Max scolded me telling me,  "Mommy! Emma just wants to play.  Let her play!" Umm..no. 
In other news it's been raining for the past 6 days. Straight.  Go enjoy your sun, and don't tell me about it. 

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