11 Months

Our Emma girl is 11 months today!! I cannot believe she turns one next month!!

Emma you amaze us every day, and I can't tell you enough how much we love you! 

Emma Fact
-She can sign for "more" and I'm a pretty proud mama! 
-She took her first two steps and since has taken steps here and there, but she's content crawling to where she wants to make trouble. 
-She is a speed crawler. 
-She could dance all the time, and it sometimes looks like she's baby twerking it up. Watch out Miley. 
-She has mastered climbing up and down the steps. 
-She can wave and say "hi" and "bu"(bye). 


No Cavities Club

Today Max had his first dentist appointment. We walked into the office and office it was not. Instead it was a jungle with trees that held tvs, books, toys and even a slide. 

When they called him back the room was so colorful, and the vibrant seat faced a flat screen tv playing Curious George. I think Max forgot why he was even there! The nice lady talked Max through each step and he did great. The dentist was friendly, counted his teeth, and gave us the good news that Max was in the no cavities club. Heck yes! 

Once we left with balloons in hand and certificate to celebrate great teeth, Max went to get a haircut. 

Busy morning with this stud.  

This girl woke up happy because it's Friday!

I leave you with a picture I posted for some #tbt action yesterday. 

Happy Friday!


The Tantrum

The tantrum begins with me telling Emma the dreaded no because she's playing with something she shouldn't, or attempting something life threatening. 

First she'll throw herself dramatically on the floor...

She'll yell her baby bad words at me, and when that gets no response, her cursing turns into a sad cry.

Then she hangs her head down and sobs like she lost her bff. 

Slowly she'll crawl to me, still sobbing her crocodile tears, and crawl into my lap.

Magically this happens...

She is good at throwing tantrums, but I won't fall for her trickery or give into her sad cries.  Nice try Emma girl. 



I saw this dress at Target and loved it at first sight.  The pink bow, stripes, the bottom of the dress that looks like a bubble skirt, but it's not.  Love. It's not your normal flowery, frilly Easter dress. 

Sitting pretty, eyeing the goldfish Max is eating. 

She's standing up by our turned over coffee table that is now trapping her in the livingroom. 

Counting the cars...

The past year we've been living in a townhome close to Ian's work. Lake Washington is across the street and gives us breath taking views all day, every day.  This was Emma's first home.  Come next month we're moving into an actual house with tons more space and a backyard! I'm just happy I won't be 9 months pregnant for this move! 


Easter 2014

Yesterday was Max's first soccer practice. He was super excited, but bashful when it came to talking to the new people around him.  He did new drills, and caught on pretty quick. When practice was almost over the coaches went around and hid Easter eggs for the kiddos. Max looked all over, including under the soccer ball, and he found one! 

We also dyed some eggs and made them look "cool" by Max's standards. 

This morning the kiddos woke up to a surprise from the Easter Bunny. They first had to find their basket and then they could look for the eggs he hid around the house. 

Then we ventured outside to find more eggs! 

"Hey! How'd the bunny get up in tree?!"


"These are mine. All. Mine."

Happy Easter!! 


Happy (almost) Easter

Life lately according to my iphone...

Pap-pap and Mum-mum came to visit and we were nonstop going on adventures.  We went to the Air and Space Museum, and Max was in airplane heaven.  

We also checked out Gasworks Park.  The view of the Seattle skyline was beautiful. Max wanted to know where the playground was, and wasn't impressed with this "park" we were speaking of.

We went swimming before  Pap-pap and Mum-mum left, and by "we" I mean everyone, but me. Max had a nifty vest and goggles.  He would have stayed in the pool all night if we let him. 

I was so excited to buy Emma her first swimsuit.  She. Looked. So. Cute.
Oh, the cuteness.  She was splashing and having a grand ole time in the pool. 

She also has found a hiding spot that is her go to place.  She crawls so fast, and squeals with excitement when she hears you coming after her. She'll crawl super fast under a chair and then hang out under the table and just look at you and smile. 

She can also crawl up the stairs super fast. She doesn't know how to get down yet...

Today we went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and we passed the above stuffed animal. "Moommmyyy! Look it's OLAF!
Max was more excited about taking a picture with Olaf than he was the Easter Bunny.

Happy (almost) Easter!!

Max had an Easter egg hunt at school yesterday and he told me so seriously, "Mommy. My tummy hungry for num-nums." (as he pats his belly)  I opened up the egg and there were jelly beans.  "Ohhh! I mean my tummy hungry for jelly beans!"

Before we left the mall we stopped to take a potty break.  "I not have to go potty Mommy because I not holding myself and doing the potty dance.

I asked him to pick up Emma's paci. "I can't know how.

We have a date with some hard boiled eggs to decorate for Easter.  I let Max choose the decorating box and he went with Angry Birds. "I love Angry Birds! They so cool!"  Hope you peeps (like that?) have a wonderful Easter!

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Land of Enchantment

We went to NM to visit my family, and I was super nervous to fly alone with the kiddos.  I pictured every bad scenario in my head.  The day came and we were up by 3:30 in the am, but it was still dark so Max thought it was the pm.  Our flight left at 6:05 and we flew to AZ.  The kiddos fell right to sleep, but I knew I wouldn't be lucky enough for them to sleep the entire way. Halfway through the almost 3 hour flight Emma had an explosion of a diaper.  I went to change her in the back, but the changing table was in the front of the plane.  Max stayed in his seat playing a game on my phone.  Airplane bathrooms are tiny, so changing Emma's diaper was a challenge.  There was poop everywhere.  Her tights were not worth saving.  I had it on my pants.  Awesome.

Once we landed we found a family restroom in the airport so that I could get Emma fully changed into a different outfit.  The family bathroom was like a flippin' hotel room with bed and shower included.  I would have stayed in there all of our 2.5 hour layover, but apparently that's where all moms like to go to change their little ones.

The AZ airport is ridiculously busy.  Max could not run around like a wild thing, even though he so desperately wanted to play.  Emma also wanted to crawl around, but it just wasn't possible.  By this point I was stressed and wished that Ian was with me, because I needed help.  Now that I look back at it, the flights from Seattle to El Paso weren't bad at all, but at the moment I thought it was the worst traveling I've done with the Littles, and I vowed to never do it again.  When we got to El Paso the car seats came around quickly for us to find, and then we waited for our suitcase.  We waited, waited and waited.  No bag.  I was seconds away from just breaking down, and vowing to never travel again.  Ever.  My bag eventually found it's way to El Paso, but not before I cried and wanted to drink all the shots of vodka in the airport bar.

Our trip itself went by super fast, because time flies when you're having fun.  We had fun people. One of the days we went to our hometown of Vaughn, NM to visit our family there.  My Grandma Molly had only seen Max when he was about Emma's age, and she hadn't met Emma yet.  It was a nice trip, where the blogger in me didn't think to take pictures.  WTF Jennifer?!  I know, terrible.

We had a family birthday party we went to where the Tenorio Clan met Emma for the first time. Emma had her first taste of birthday cake and ice cream.  She is a lover of sugar, and of her Great Grandma Grace.  Max had fun playing with his cousins, and even today is saying that he wants to go back to NM to watch Frozen with Jaxon, eat pizza, and laugh.

Blur of a picture, because that's how our trip to NM was..blurred lines. That smile is also before learning that my bag wasn't in El Paso with us.

The weather also said a big "eff you" to me. 

Emma met Oreo and she loved him.  I can't say the same for Oreo. 

Emma is a bookworm like her brother. 

We were representing the Sounders in NM. 

We went to a cute park that was close to my parent's house....

Max climbed the wall to get to a slide, that he realized he no longer wanted to go down once he was up there.  Fun times. 

He wanted to play basketball with his Uncle and Auntie. 

Posing for a picture like the pro that he is. 

We also went bowling.  Max would throw his ball and it was slooooowly make it's way down the lane.  While it was rolling he would run back to his seat and turn to watch it get there in time to hit the pins down.  Then he would cheer for himself.  He got a strike and he was so excited. 

Before we left we took pictures.  Again, I don't know why I didn't think to take pictures with my Dad or Auntie Alicia.  Big fat fail on my part.  Grandmom and Uncle were lucky that we thought to take pictures. 


Going home is always a great time, and the first few days after are hard for Max because he wants to see everyone and doesn't understand that we can't just go back to the airport and fly back again right that second he wants to...well we could, but I really don't want to travel with them by myself again.   Our flight home wasn't bad at all.  The kiddos did really well.  We were so excited to see Ian at the airport when we got home.  I really wish I would have taken more pictures.  I once was so good at taking tons of pictures, but now I'm slacking.  

Ian's parents come to visit this weekend!  We're excited to see them, and do some more exploring of the city. 

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