10 Months

Here we are again at the monthly update, and once again I'm not sure how we got here so quickly. Emma turned the big 10 months on a day of traveling.  A day of great traveling, thank goodness. 

Emma Facts
-You are a cruiser of all furniture.  The longer the better for your walking ways.
-You love to stand up and you get so excited because you know you're doing something pretty great. 
-You have 4 teeth that are sharp and they scare me.  I'm waiting until you bite me, and when or if that day comes, NO MORE breast feeding for you.  
-You love to roll the ball back and forth. 
-You love all food, especially whatever I happen to be eating.  Sharing is caring, so I gladly share with you.
-You are a babbling girl who has so much to say.
-When you are flying in a plane and happen to get a glimpse out of the window you start screeching with excitement. 
-You love to dance.  It can be to either music or my awesome singing.  You hear a tune and you start rocking back and forth.  If there's some sort of beat you'll throw your hands in the air.
-You love playing with Max.  You guys will make each other laugh and laugh.  It's ridiculously cute.

As the months go by sweet girl you just keep making our days better.  We love you beyond words, and thank God every day that he chose us to be your parents.

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