I saw this dress at Target and loved it at first sight.  The pink bow, stripes, the bottom of the dress that looks like a bubble skirt, but it's not.  Love. It's not your normal flowery, frilly Easter dress. 

Sitting pretty, eyeing the goldfish Max is eating. 

She's standing up by our turned over coffee table that is now trapping her in the livingroom. 

Counting the cars...

The past year we've been living in a townhome close to Ian's work. Lake Washington is across the street and gives us breath taking views all day, every day.  This was Emma's first home.  Come next month we're moving into an actual house with tons more space and a backyard! I'm just happy I won't be 9 months pregnant for this move! 


  1. Such sweet pictures. I love that last one of them looking out the window.

    Congrats on your soon to be new home!

    1. Thanks girl! Your family of 4 picture on your latest post-love!! You look fabulous!!