Happy (almost) Easter

Life lately according to my iphone...

Pap-pap and Mum-mum came to visit and we were nonstop going on adventures.  We went to the Air and Space Museum, and Max was in airplane heaven.  

We also checked out Gasworks Park.  The view of the Seattle skyline was beautiful. Max wanted to know where the playground was, and wasn't impressed with this "park" we were speaking of.

We went swimming before  Pap-pap and Mum-mum left, and by "we" I mean everyone, but me. Max had a nifty vest and goggles.  He would have stayed in the pool all night if we let him. 

I was so excited to buy Emma her first swimsuit.  She. Looked. So. Cute.
Oh, the cuteness.  She was splashing and having a grand ole time in the pool. 

She also has found a hiding spot that is her go to place.  She crawls so fast, and squeals with excitement when she hears you coming after her. She'll crawl super fast under a chair and then hang out under the table and just look at you and smile. 

She can also crawl up the stairs super fast. She doesn't know how to get down yet...

Today we went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and we passed the above stuffed animal. "Moommmyyy! Look it's OLAF!
Max was more excited about taking a picture with Olaf than he was the Easter Bunny.

Happy (almost) Easter!!

Max had an Easter egg hunt at school yesterday and he told me so seriously, "Mommy. My tummy hungry for num-nums." (as he pats his belly)  I opened up the egg and there were jelly beans.  "Ohhh! I mean my tummy hungry for jelly beans!"

Before we left the mall we stopped to take a potty break.  "I not have to go potty Mommy because I not holding myself and doing the potty dance.

I asked him to pick up Emma's paci. "I can't know how.

We have a date with some hard boiled eggs to decorate for Easter.  I let Max choose the decorating box and he went with Angry Birds. "I love Angry Birds! They so cool!"  Hope you peeps (like that?) have a wonderful Easter!

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