No Cavities Club

Today Max had his first dentist appointment. We walked into the office and office it was not. Instead it was a jungle with trees that held tvs, books, toys and even a slide. 

When they called him back the room was so colorful, and the vibrant seat faced a flat screen tv playing Curious George. I think Max forgot why he was even there! The nice lady talked Max through each step and he did great. The dentist was friendly, counted his teeth, and gave us the good news that Max was in the no cavities club. Heck yes! 

Once we left with balloons in hand and certificate to celebrate great teeth, Max went to get a haircut. 

Busy morning with this stud.  

This girl woke up happy because it's Friday!

I leave you with a picture I posted for some #tbt action yesterday. 

Happy Friday!


  1. The dentist's office looks so adorable. I love how it looks so child friendly, which is probably one of the reasons why Max was very comfortable with the whole process of his dental visit. You found a really good dentist. I hope the no cavity streak will be around for a very long time. All the best! :)

    Sharon Warner @ Premier Dental Esthetics

  2. The kids look adorable! Anyway, congratulations to Max for making it on the No Cavities club! It seems like he really enjoyed his first visit to the dentist. It’s nice to know that these child-friendly atmosphere of some dental offices are really working. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us, Jennifer. Have a nice day!

    Eunice Greer @ DownTownDentalSC01