12 Months of Emma

Happy Birthday to our sweet Emma girl!

Emma Lynn,
You are ONE year old today! You have made our life better and made our family whole. We love you so much!! 

Mommy, Daddy and Max

Emma Facts
-She screams for everything. You take away a toy- scream. You aren't fast enough to give her a snack- scream. You aren't paying attention to the princess- scream. 
-Along with screaming she has mastered the tantrum. It's pretty funny. 
-She waves hi and bye to everyone. 
-Big one: She started walking!! 
-She is a lover of food especially cheese, bananas, strawberries, turkey, and whatever Mommy happens to be eating. 
-She loves to dance. The faster and louder the music, the better. 
-She baby babbles it up all the time and we love hearing her sweet voice. 
-She likes to pull hair, especially Max's. 
-Bubbles are her favorite. She screams and bounces up and down when she sees them. 
-She's a baby Godzilla that destroys anything in her path that Max is playing with at the moment. You can imagine the yelling from both of them. 

Today we're taking her to the zoo and tomorrow is her birthday party.  Be on the look out for those posts!! Still can't believe my baby girl is ONE! 


Washi Tape Fun

During nap time today I was able to get all Martha Stewart on some white wall clips. 

We went to Target (of course) and picked out some washi tape. There are so many cute options. I picked two that I liked and then let Max make the final choice. 

Once home Emma-Bee was asleep and I was able to cover the clips with the snazzy washi tape. I think I love washi tape and now want to cover everything with it. 

When the clips were ready to be put to use in the kids' playroom I let Max pick out some of his artwork that he wanted displayed. We also used some of the letters he made with Kinlee last year. 

I didn't measure and make sure the clips were even with one another because I'm not OCD like that. I like the way it turned out, and will definitely be buying more of the clips for the kids' room. 


Still Friday

Some days are long days.  Today was one of those days. Once Ian left for work the littles and I went downstairs for breakfast. Then back upstairs to get ready. I think I was getting use to all the sunshine and when I looked outside and saw clouds I cursed the weather. That didn't stop us from going to the park. The weather apparently stopped others from going though because there were 4 kiddos there. 4. Max didn't mind and he had fun. Emma slept through it all and missed her swinging for the day. 

We then went to Target (aka the red store) and that's always a good time. After all that fun we had to go grocery shopping. Never fun. It actually wasn't a bad trip until Emma got her little arm stuck in the seat of the cart. Like super stuck, didn't want to come out, she was screaming in pain stuck. I panicked, Max kept saying "it's okay Emma!" After a bajillion seconds we finally got her tiny arm free and that was the end of our shopping. She wasn't having it and she whimpered and cried the rest of the time. All that and we got home and it was only 11:30 in the AM. 

Now it's 6:03 in the PM and I'm thinking it's still Friday? 

Yup, it's still Friday. 

So today is Monday, and I thought this posted on Friday. Umm, not the case. So I might as well add more pictures and talk about our weekend.  

Max had soccer on Saturday. I wish I could say I took pictures, but I chatted it up with a fellow mom the entire time. Have I mentioned how it's ridiculously hard making friends as an adult. It's like oh hey you have a kid that my kid wants to play with, can we be friends? 

Sounders had a match so the kiddos and I watched from the comfort of our home. We won! 

Werk it in your stylish threads.  

Sunday we went and checked out Ian's new office downtown. It was pretty cool and the kiddos loved it. 

Max loved the red vines that his daddy gave him as a treat. Ask him his favorite part about daddy's office and he'll say those red things.  

I'm one lucky mommy. 

And the husband and kiddos fell asleep before The Bachelorette and I was able to enjoy the beginning of a journey full of roses...and I'm sure will be the most shocking season ever. I loved it. 



Good Day

Another day of sunshine calls for Popsicles and playing in the sprinkler. 

And by play I mean just stand on the edge of the path where the sprinkler is hitting, and get soaked

We got in on the sprinkler action and Emma's shrieks of happiness let me know that she loved every second of fun. 

Today we busted out the water table after blowing/punching/popping bubbles. Less than five minutes into playing and they were both sopping wet. 

Good day. 



The weather has been beautiful. Like sunshine all day and no rain. Happy dance. So we have been living outside and taking in the rays. 

Emma girl. I can't believe she turns one in 18 days. Holy moly. I tried a cupcake recipe today for her birthday. Strawberry lemonade. Talk about good. The soon to be birthday girl and her brother approved, especially of the lemonade frosting. 

What is this green stuff? 


My Day

My day started off with breakfast in bed, a craft from the kiddos and a card from Ian. Tears were shed. Happy tears. The best kind of tears. 

My favorite drink before our family adventure. (Nonfat raspberry white mocha, no whip. I know you were wondering)

The best park for little kids. We saw farm animals, had a picnic, the kiddos played at the toddler playground, we went for a walk, Max and Ian were "King of the rocks", and it we just had a great family outing. 

The pigs are just sleeping right? 

When I was younger I knew I wanted to be a mom one day. I treated my dolls like they were real. I mean, I played pretend that gloves and a scarf were a baby while in church. If that doesn't say I was meant to have a kid one day then I don't know what does...or maybe it says that my imagination was just that good. 

Mother's Day is special, and it's because of Max and Emma.  I'm the mommy I am today because of those two, and you better believe I'll remind them of their births so they know what a rockstar I was, especially Emma because her birth was epidural-less at the end (not by choice) and that memory of the pain will stay with me forever.  Who ever said you forget about the pain down right lied.  No matter how painful though, when it comes to being called "mommy" or "ma ma maaaa"  that makes it worth it. 

 I hope all you mommies had a fantastic day! 


Happy Mother's Day

Thank you for all you do being a mom. You are one amazing lady and I thank God every day that he gave me you as my mom.  You are my Lorelai. (Gilmore Girls for you non GG lovers) 

Max and Emma are blessed to have you as their Grandmom. 

We love you!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there, especially to Nicole (Auntie Cole) and Pat (Mum-mum). Hope your days are wonderful!!



"I tink I wear my goggles in the baff."

"Really Mother? I'm not impressed."

Today on Instagram there were a couple of posts where bloggers I follow sent their prayers to families. Two separate families. Two different little boys. Both so young. Both in heaven. One had just celebrated his first birthday. The other was a 3 year old with fiery red hair. 

It's so easy to get caught up in our hard days, frustrating days, days where your kiddos are determined to make you go crazy. After reading those posts, I stopped. I stopped unpacking, and instead we played, we danced, we napped and cuddled. I soaked in my day with Max and Emma, and reminded myself that each day with these two is a blessing. 


Moving Fun

Moving. Is. So. Not. Fun.  I've been packing, unpacking, going up the steps, going down the steps, grabbing Emma who is attempting a life threatening stunt on repeat since Friday. I even forgot today was Cinco de Mayo!  What the heck Jennifer?! I need a margarita. Quite frankly I'd be drinking it up today but there are just two tiny problems. 1) I have to drive to the old place to our new place a million times. 2) the children... Who make me want to add a couple more drinks just for fun.  Really though I don't drink all that much, so you know I'm having tons of fun over here if all I've talked about in this ramble is drinking. 

So happy before any of the fun called moving all your crap happened. 

I set up the playroom as fast as possible to keep the children smiling and happy. 

Emma tried on some new kicks because when you're moving you find things that you forgot you purchased months ago. It's like Christmas. 

My sweets munching on healthy pizza. They are in need of some summer days because they are looking like they could be part of the Cullen family. 

This one is determined to make each second fun...for her and her alone. She clawed my face after I snapped this picture. I put her in the saucer (aka baby jail) that she's much too big for to put an end to her fun. Emma-1908475 Mama-0. 
Did I mention I want a drink?