12 Months of Emma

Happy Birthday to our sweet Emma girl!

Emma Lynn,
You are ONE year old today! You have made our life better and made our family whole. We love you so much!! 

Mommy, Daddy and Max

Emma Facts
-She screams for everything. You take away a toy- scream. You aren't fast enough to give her a snack- scream. You aren't paying attention to the princess- scream. 
-Along with screaming she has mastered the tantrum. It's pretty funny. 
-She waves hi and bye to everyone. 
-Big one: She started walking!! 
-She is a lover of food especially cheese, bananas, strawberries, turkey, and whatever Mommy happens to be eating. 
-She loves to dance. The faster and louder the music, the better. 
-She baby babbles it up all the time and we love hearing her sweet voice. 
-She likes to pull hair, especially Max's. 
-Bubbles are her favorite. She screams and bounces up and down when she sees them. 
-She's a baby Godzilla that destroys anything in her path that Max is playing with at the moment. You can imagine the yelling from both of them. 

Today we're taking her to the zoo and tomorrow is her birthday party.  Be on the look out for those posts!! Still can't believe my baby girl is ONE! 

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