Moving Fun

Moving. Is. So. Not. Fun.  I've been packing, unpacking, going up the steps, going down the steps, grabbing Emma who is attempting a life threatening stunt on repeat since Friday. I even forgot today was Cinco de Mayo!  What the heck Jennifer?! I need a margarita. Quite frankly I'd be drinking it up today but there are just two tiny problems. 1) I have to drive to the old place to our new place a million times. 2) the children... Who make me want to add a couple more drinks just for fun.  Really though I don't drink all that much, so you know I'm having tons of fun over here if all I've talked about in this ramble is drinking. 

So happy before any of the fun called moving all your crap happened. 

I set up the playroom as fast as possible to keep the children smiling and happy. 

Emma tried on some new kicks because when you're moving you find things that you forgot you purchased months ago. It's like Christmas. 

My sweets munching on healthy pizza. They are in need of some summer days because they are looking like they could be part of the Cullen family. 

This one is determined to make each second fun...for her and her alone. She clawed my face after I snapped this picture. I put her in the saucer (aka baby jail) that she's much too big for to put an end to her fun. Emma-1908475 Mama-0. 
Did I mention I want a drink? 

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  1. This is so cute. I'm so glad that you have found a spot that you love. We have a nice apartment here, but it's not a house. Still nice though.