My Day

My day started off with breakfast in bed, a craft from the kiddos and a card from Ian. Tears were shed. Happy tears. The best kind of tears. 

My favorite drink before our family adventure. (Nonfat raspberry white mocha, no whip. I know you were wondering)

The best park for little kids. We saw farm animals, had a picnic, the kiddos played at the toddler playground, we went for a walk, Max and Ian were "King of the rocks", and it we just had a great family outing. 

The pigs are just sleeping right? 

When I was younger I knew I wanted to be a mom one day. I treated my dolls like they were real. I mean, I played pretend that gloves and a scarf were a baby while in church. If that doesn't say I was meant to have a kid one day then I don't know what does...or maybe it says that my imagination was just that good. 

Mother's Day is special, and it's because of Max and Emma.  I'm the mommy I am today because of those two, and you better believe I'll remind them of their births so they know what a rockstar I was, especially Emma because her birth was epidural-less at the end (not by choice) and that memory of the pain will stay with me forever.  Who ever said you forget about the pain down right lied.  No matter how painful though, when it comes to being called "mommy" or "ma ma maaaa"  that makes it worth it. 

 I hope all you mommies had a fantastic day! 


  1. I had no idea there was such a cool park hiding in downtown Bellevue! I'll have to take my little boy and check it out!