Still Friday

Some days are long days.  Today was one of those days. Once Ian left for work the littles and I went downstairs for breakfast. Then back upstairs to get ready. I think I was getting use to all the sunshine and when I looked outside and saw clouds I cursed the weather. That didn't stop us from going to the park. The weather apparently stopped others from going though because there were 4 kiddos there. 4. Max didn't mind and he had fun. Emma slept through it all and missed her swinging for the day. 

We then went to Target (aka the red store) and that's always a good time. After all that fun we had to go grocery shopping. Never fun. It actually wasn't a bad trip until Emma got her little arm stuck in the seat of the cart. Like super stuck, didn't want to come out, she was screaming in pain stuck. I panicked, Max kept saying "it's okay Emma!" After a bajillion seconds we finally got her tiny arm free and that was the end of our shopping. She wasn't having it and she whimpered and cried the rest of the time. All that and we got home and it was only 11:30 in the AM. 

Now it's 6:03 in the PM and I'm thinking it's still Friday? 

Yup, it's still Friday. 

So today is Monday, and I thought this posted on Friday. Umm, not the case. So I might as well add more pictures and talk about our weekend.  

Max had soccer on Saturday. I wish I could say I took pictures, but I chatted it up with a fellow mom the entire time. Have I mentioned how it's ridiculously hard making friends as an adult. It's like oh hey you have a kid that my kid wants to play with, can we be friends? 

Sounders had a match so the kiddos and I watched from the comfort of our home. We won! 

Werk it in your stylish threads.  

Sunday we went and checked out Ian's new office downtown. It was pretty cool and the kiddos loved it. 

Max loved the red vines that his daddy gave him as a treat. Ask him his favorite part about daddy's office and he'll say those red things.  

I'm one lucky mommy. 

And the husband and kiddos fell asleep before The Bachelorette and I was able to enjoy the beginning of a journey full of roses...and I'm sure will be the most shocking season ever. I loved it. 


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