Washi Tape Fun

During nap time today I was able to get all Martha Stewart on some white wall clips. 

We went to Target (of course) and picked out some washi tape. There are so many cute options. I picked two that I liked and then let Max make the final choice. 

Once home Emma-Bee was asleep and I was able to cover the clips with the snazzy washi tape. I think I love washi tape and now want to cover everything with it. 

When the clips were ready to be put to use in the kids' playroom I let Max pick out some of his artwork that he wanted displayed. We also used some of the letters he made with Kinlee last year. 

I didn't measure and make sure the clips were even with one another because I'm not OCD like that. I like the way it turned out, and will definitely be buying more of the clips for the kids' room. 

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