Family Adventures

After our wonderful Alaskan Adventures, my family came to visit! 

Ian got us tickets to the Sounders game, and what kind of blogger would I be if we didn't take a selfie?

We went shopping at the outlets and Max got to take a ride with the "silly beagle". 

I drove us to The Locks...

...and Gas Works Park. We survived!!! I was terrified of driving downtown,  but I did it!!

My beautiful Mama and Little. 
Pretending to walk, and Max acting like Mr. Tough Guy. 

My Auntie Cari surprised my cousin Gerald with a visit!! 

Gerald and Abby prepared a feast for us and it was good. 

We went to Bainbridge Island!

While we waited for lunch my brother drew some pictures. 

We watched The World Cup game on Sunday. Never have I been so into a soccer game. 

I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars with my sister. I read the book because she was reading it and I loved it. The movie...I sobbed. So good. 

We watched Ian play in a hockey game. 

It was a scrappy, intense game. They won 5-1 and Ian scored 2 goals!

Alicia introduced Ed Sheeran to Emma. 

My little bro and sis. They aren't so little anymore. 

My Mama! Emma gets nervous and puts her finger in her nose. 

Godfather and godchild. Max calls him Uncle Bonio. 

Max and his Auntie Licia. 

My Littles.  

We had such a fun visit and we hated to see them go. Until next family visit!


Alaskan Adventures

Our trip started with a bathroom selfie. 

Garbage trucks are always fun to watch. 

We took a train ride at Pioneer Park. 

Max was a fan!
There was also a lot of ice cream eating going on during our trip. 

Alaskan selfie.

Going on a 4 wheeler ride with Daddy! 

Checking out the tree house. 

Hike 1 started off with a bear sighting on our drive up to Savage Rock. Then I saw this sign, and I was pretty much a nervous wreck the entire time!

Climbing big rocks. 

My boys leading the way. 

Emma was so relaxed on our hike. 

Hike 2 started off with the same bear sign, so you can imagine how relaxed I was not.  A couple hikers before told us there was a mama moose and some babies down in the lake. They also mentioned another adult around as well. 

Enjoying our hike before we were grunted at by a moose! I freaked out, and was over that hike! 

Max finally saw a moose while we were in Healy!

Enjoying the sun and going for a bike ride. 

Emma went for one too.  She was thrilled. 

Max wore Daddy's helmet. 

Max squealed with excitement (or fear) during the ride!

Last time we were in Healy Max was being pulled around in the tractor. This time around he was able to do the pulling. Emma loved it, until she tumbled out!

We took a train ride from Denali National Park to Fairbanks. Max loved it!

So did Emma. She acted like she owned the train.

Looking for moose. 

We took family photos of the cousins at the Botanical Gardens. Emma wanted nothing to do with pictures. 

Checking out the bunny. 

Little miss diva. 

Max was a rockstar and the kiddos got a treat. Ice cream. 

We then ventured to North Pole, AK to see Santa!


We had lunchtime entertainment. Max was cheering for the golfers. 

We went and watched some mud bogging.

Before we left we enjoyed Father's Day brunch with the family. 

Our trip was a good one. It's always nice spending time with family and friends. Until next time Alaska!