Happy Kids

Emma wore flare jeans and I almost died. Not really, but I couldn't handle the cutest. I can't tell you enough how fun it is to dress a girl. Sorry Max. 

Speaking of Max. We did a bingo blotter name activity. Pinterest. Obviously. 

Emma had her one year wellness check up and she was one happy camper. She's 22 lbs- 75% and 31 in-99%. She also had to get 3 shots which meant her lungs we're put to good use. 

I'll read this book (gift from Henry and Karly) and Emma will squeal with excitement and Max will laugh up a storm. I change my voice for each page. 

She practicing for motherhood in about 25ish years...or whenever she decides to make that decision. Asong as it's not MTV age. She took the pushing of her stroller seriously. (Gift from my family)

(From Pap-pap and Mum-mum)  she rides this toy like a boss. Max is a fan as well. The propeller in the front spins. Happy kids. 

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