We took the birthday girl to the zoo and when Max found out we were going there he grabbed his baseball hat and binoculars and said he was ready to go. 

The cuteness.  I can't. I just can't handle it. 

Emma loved all the animals and would point and baby babble her excitement. 

My one year old. 

Max turned into an explorer and was on a mission to see the penguins. A lot of the animals weren't out, which was a total bummer. Thank goodness we saw the penguins or else a certain explorer would have been pissed off. 

Max was convinced all the animals were looking at him. 

Maybe they were...

Everytime he got his binoculars the cuteness made me giddy. I love that kid. 

The birthday girl had a fab time being pushed in her chariot, lifted to see some awesome animals, sang her baby songs, and even put her feet up and was relaxing under the sun. She had it made.  

I'm excited for her party tomorrow. It's turned out to be the pinkest party ever. It was going to be giraffe themed, but I ended up focusing on the hot pink and white polkadots on the E on her outfit and everything together. 

So pink it is! 

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