Art Fair

We ventured out to an Art Fair today and it was so fun! Again it looks like Emma wasn't there, but I was wearing her and she slept most of the time. So Max had all the fun. 

We love the Llama Llama Red Pajamas series, and Max met Llama Llama today! He was so excited. 

He also met the Geico Gecko. 

Oh just hanging with a nesting doll. 

I stood in line with a sleeping Emma for this wooden top. They passed out about 3 in half an hour and then Ian comes and he gets it right away for Max. Go figure. Max then was able to use his artsy skills to decorate the top. 

This wasn't today. He met some Sea Gals yesterday at the baseball game with Daddy.  Such a little stud. 

Hope you guys have a great week! Can you believe it's the last few days in July? 



Things I'm loving ...

I was so late to the game with this show. I am so glad I finally started watching it, well more like binge watching. I'm not ashamed to admit this to you. Great show. Watch it up if you have Netflix. 

Mmmmmm... Iced vanilla chai tea lattes. I can't get enough. Starbucks makes a good one, but Cowgirls is my fav place to get them. Plus the girls usually give me a pink straw, which makes it that much better. 

I just got my Erin Condren planner in the mail, and I'm so excited to start writing down important dates and what not. Being organized has never been so good. 

Girls day with this little one. We mostly did errands, but we did have a dance party where Emma runs around like a little crazy person. Super cute to see. She's forever teething though, and she's not happy. We left her amber necklace in AK.  I may have to buy another, because she is one angry girl let me tell you. 

These two are off enjoying a boys day, and I love getting pictures from Ian documenting their fun. I love them. 

I hope you all are having a great weekend! We're making pizza tonight and watching a family movie. Good times all around.  


Lemonade Popsicles

I tried making Popsicles once before this summer and it was a big fat fail. This time around I made lemonade and poured the sourly sweet liquid into the popsicle mold. They were in the freezer a whole 5 minutes and Max was certain they were done and ready to be eaten. 

A whole 5 hours later we attempted to take one out and wouldn't you know it worked this time! I had two happy kiddos ready to devour the icy goodness. 

It didn't matter that it was a rainy, cool day. We enjoyed our treat on this summer day, and I was totally happy about the much needed rain. 

Happy Wednesday to you, and apparently national hotdog day. 



Lately I've been slacking at taking pictures. So lame, I know, because how are you suppose to see what we've been up to? 

The weather is finally getting back to normal. Yay for clouds!  Earlier this week though it was still flippin hot, so we had a water balloon fight. We got soaked filling up these bad boys. They were also super duper strong water balloons that would not bust, but bounced off your body instead.  It was not a pleasant feeling.  Felt like I was getting hit by rocks. 

Max never wants to let this go. Ever. I tell you he's going to be on Hoarders when he's older. 

Ready for soccer practice!

Emma was around this week, but I guess she wasn't doing anything photo worthy. She's been a gem though. And by gem I mean a diva that gets mad and stomps around the house crying, and throwing herself on the ground. Fun times. 


Max Facts

Max Facts
-He is registered for pre-k in the fall. He'll be going three days a week, and he's so excited!
-He's in his second session of soccer classes at Starfire, and his soccer skills are improving. ( we saw Clint Dempsey this morning and I freaked out!)
-His fav soccer player is Obafemi Martins. 
-He loves playing video games with Ian, and he's really good. 
-He's starting to remember songs that he hears in the car. The latest one "Do you know what do wiff that big fat butt. Wiggle wiggle wiggle." ( I have yet to hear the actual song, but he heard it once in the car with Ian. I was not impressed.)
-He loves "turkey pickle sammich with no ends in triangles." 
-He got his first pet. A betta fish named Optimus. 
-He is obsessed with Transformers. 
-He is the silliest, funniest, sweetest little boy with a giggle that is contagious. 


The Heat

I keep starting new posts and never getting around to finishing said posts.  The 4th of July came and went. It was a fun day. The Beachys invited us over to their family BBQ.  It was so nice seeing familiar faces. Made miss AZ. Just not the heat. 

Emma was a fan of the fireworks and would scream with excitement. Max had so much fun playing.  He would have stayed all night if we let him. 

Poppers were a huge hit!

Her mood before the BBQ was one of not so happy diva. 

Then the fireworks started and she was one happy little girl. 

The look on his face. Sparklers can be scary. 

The next day we jumped in our car and headed to Canada to watch the Sounders play. 

Our hotel was literally across from BC Place. 

The lady checking out the balcony. 

We lost the game. We were also missing 5 of our starters. Next game guys!

Now it's already the 9th of July and it's flipping hot here. 80s all week and a high of 93 this weekend.  Doesn't sound bad, but with no AC it's not that fun lemme tell you.  Thank goodness for sprinklers and ice cream. 

Oh I started reading Divergent. Obsessed people. I can't wait to read Insurgent, which I'm going to start as soon as I wrap this up, because the kids are asleep and it's my time to party! I'm wild.