Lately I've been slacking at taking pictures. So lame, I know, because how are you suppose to see what we've been up to? 

The weather is finally getting back to normal. Yay for clouds!  Earlier this week though it was still flippin hot, so we had a water balloon fight. We got soaked filling up these bad boys. They were also super duper strong water balloons that would not bust, but bounced off your body instead.  It was not a pleasant feeling.  Felt like I was getting hit by rocks. 

Max never wants to let this go. Ever. I tell you he's going to be on Hoarders when he's older. 

Ready for soccer practice!

Emma was around this week, but I guess she wasn't doing anything photo worthy. She's been a gem though. And by gem I mean a diva that gets mad and stomps around the house crying, and throwing herself on the ground. Fun times. 


  1. I love all the pictures.. I have been taking so many photos, but haven't posted anything on facebook.

    1. I also take so many pics. Thanks goodness for Dropbox!