Max Facts

Max Facts
-He is registered for pre-k in the fall. He'll be going three days a week, and he's so excited!
-He's in his second session of soccer classes at Starfire, and his soccer skills are improving. ( we saw Clint Dempsey this morning and I freaked out!)
-His fav soccer player is Obafemi Martins. 
-He loves playing video games with Ian, and he's really good. 
-He's starting to remember songs that he hears in the car. The latest one "Do you know what do wiff that big fat butt. Wiggle wiggle wiggle." ( I have yet to hear the actual song, but he heard it once in the car with Ian. I was not impressed.)
-He loves "turkey pickle sammich with no ends in triangles." 
-He got his first pet. A betta fish named Optimus. 
-He is obsessed with Transformers. 
-He is the silliest, funniest, sweetest little boy with a giggle that is contagious. 

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