The Heat

I keep starting new posts and never getting around to finishing said posts.  The 4th of July came and went. It was a fun day. The Beachys invited us over to their family BBQ.  It was so nice seeing familiar faces. Made miss AZ. Just not the heat. 

Emma was a fan of the fireworks and would scream with excitement. Max had so much fun playing.  He would have stayed all night if we let him. 

Poppers were a huge hit!

Her mood before the BBQ was one of not so happy diva. 

Then the fireworks started and she was one happy little girl. 

The look on his face. Sparklers can be scary. 

The next day we jumped in our car and headed to Canada to watch the Sounders play. 

Our hotel was literally across from BC Place. 

The lady checking out the balcony. 

We lost the game. We were also missing 5 of our starters. Next game guys!

Now it's already the 9th of July and it's flipping hot here. 80s all week and a high of 93 this weekend.  Doesn't sound bad, but with no AC it's not that fun lemme tell you.  Thank goodness for sprinklers and ice cream. 

Oh I started reading Divergent. Obsessed people. I can't wait to read Insurgent, which I'm going to start as soon as I wrap this up, because the kids are asleep and it's my time to party! I'm wild. 

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