Things I'm Loving

~ Max starts school on the 8th, and I'm so excited to pack his lunch! I've been searching Pinterest for some ideas. Obviously.  I'm sure I'll be instagramming up a storm once school starts.

~ This blog, this blog, and this blog I love and get giddy with excitement when there's a new post. 

~ I'm loving the change in weather (finally) and having to shop for the littles. This will be a must have for Max, and this one for Emma. Hello Fall, and cute clothes for the kiddos!!

~ This song, because it's catchy and gets stuck in my head for days.

~ This author and all her books are so good.  This one and this one are my favs.  I can reread them over and over again.  That's love.

~This show  I've watched a bajillion times and I'm currently in the middle of season 5.  I always cry, and I always wish they were real people, and I know this makes me weird, but I don't care.  If you haven't binge watched on NetFlix I highly recommend doing so this labor day weekend.  Make it a good one.

~I love all the items in this Etsy shop, and it makes me miss being in the classroom.  I can decorate the playroom and make it the kid's classroom right?

The kiddos and I are attempting to go to the Sounders game today.  I welcome all prayers and happy thoughts our way. Thank you! 


High Five for Friday

It's Friday so I thought I would jump on the High Five for Friday train and share my favoritest moments of the past 5 days.  

1. This is my first High Five for Friday, so high five to that. 

2. Emma's face after she climbed on to Max's bike all by herself.  Lucky for her Max thought it was funny she was on his bike, and not mad.  He's learning that what's his is hers.  A lesson he'll need once he's married, so he's learning it young. 

3. The weather is finally cooling off here, and we are loving it!  We went to the park yesterday, and apparently the baby swings are not something we like anymore.  Emma played the whole time with her brother, without my help.  Sad face.  He was showing her how to swing before she slides.  Luckily she can't quite reach the bar to get her swing on.

4.  Max signed his name on his Thank You cards that are in the mail as I type this.  He did it by himself and would spell it out each time he wrote it.  I died over the cuteness 6 times. 

5.  3 of the 5 days have been pretty great, and after having a rough couple weeks, this makes me happy times 3.

Happy Friday, and happy 3 day weekend!

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Throwing Shade

It's been pretty eventful in our household. I told Max on Tuesday if his behavior was stellar on Wednesday we could make cupcakes. Wouldn't you know he was awesome. He was a great helper, big brother, and listener. Emma on the other hand....she's been watching Max. I told her the forbidden no and her sassy self stomped at me. Stomped. Then she picked up a toy and threw it across the room! Max doesn't do that, but he's a stomper.  I put Emma in time out for the first time and the look she gave me. She is an amazing dirty look thrower, or throwing shade as the cool kids say these days.  So no cupcakes for Miss Sassypants. 

Moments before it all went down...

I started running again, because I have another half marathon in November. Why I signed up for another I don't know. Well actually it was for the chocolate. There's a huge table of chocolate goodness waiting at the finish line. Best race ever? I think maybe.  When I stop running and start up again my body goes into shock, and I feel like I very well may die. JK, but my legs burn. 

I purchased airline tickets for my first girls weekend ever and my first time away from both kids and the husband. I'm totally freaking out. Freaking out

Besides throwing shade Emma's favorite word is what. She walks around with an old cell phone saying, "What?!" It's pretty adorable. 

She's also been an avid birthday card reader. 

I'll end this with a little #tbt of Max in his Steelers gear, because football season is upon us. 


Fantastic Fours

Well Max turned four and I thought it was going to be fantastic fours. Is there a saying of fours? I will say holy cow. All of a sudden his voice is loud, angry, mean, and there's foot stomping. Umm, no. Where's the fantasticness?  He got a bike that he loves and would live on it if we let him. He hasn't had a chance to ride it in two days because he's behavior has been that word that's associated with the twos.  I know for 5 days it was all about his birthday, there was loads of fun, Pap-pap and Mum-mum were here, Daddy came home early from work early. I feel for him, but if he's giving me a preview of him as a teenager. Yikes! All he needs to do is stomp up the stairs and slam his door.  Emma, don't watch and don't get any ideas. 

Oh, you thought Emma has been a lovely ball of fun while Max has been the opposite. Not so my friends. Emma is teething, and we all know how I feel about teething. It's a B!@#*. All capital letters. She is a hot mess of runny nose, tears...oh the tears, and scream crying.  Her tantrums are pretty darn perfect and she could teach a class on them. Tantrums 101 by Emma coming this Fall. Be on the look out. 

August, I am over you.  


Max's Birthday

Max's birthday started off with birthday cake cinnamon rolls. Figured I would sugar him up from the get go before we started our day. 

This year he is obsessed with Transformers, especially the Rescue Bots.  So we went to party city and cleaned out the Tranformer section! 

He got a birthday haircut. 

He had some birthday cake remix at Cold Stone, and we ended the night with some Chipotle and the Sounders game. 

Thursday Pap-pap and Mum-mum came for a visit so we planned to continue the birthday festivities on Saturday. 

While they all went to Max's last soccer practice I stayed home and wrapped gifts, made a cake, and changed up the decorations a little. 

I ended up using one of his Rescue Bots as a cake topper, because the one I ordered was no topper but a flippin mask! 

The "cake topper". I think the seller must make huge cakes or something.  That was not fitting on my cake!

Max got a Starbucks card as well as other goodies from Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. His eyes are full of excitement with knowing he can buy many cake pops!

He got a total of 3 new Transformers to add to his already big collection. 

We went and played mini golf, where the game got a little too competitive with those that we're not four years old. 

We went to the Pointe Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It was fun and a really nice zoo. 

She had a blast with her crazy critter vitamin water. 

The sharks were a huge hit. 

The jelly fish are always so photogenic. 

Max had a blast! He also got a bike from his Pap-pap and Mum-mum, which I have yet to get pictures of him riding. You better believe I'll have pictures of that cuteness real soon! 


Birthday Survey 4

It's that time again! Max's birthday survey! 

Birthday Survey in Max's Words
Favorite Food
Peanut butter and honey sammich
Favorite sport:
Hockey because I like scoring goals. 
Favorite show:
Justin Time because it's always funny, so that's why. 
Best Friend:
Emma because she play cars with me. 
Favorite thing to learn right now:
I like to learn about football because I like to get a touchdown. 
The thing i do most awesomely is:
I play hockey with Daddy and I beat him. 
If I could go anywhere in the world:
I go to the happiest place on Earth. (Disney Land)
Favorite color:
Red like on the Coyotes shirt. 
When I grow up I'm going to be...:
A firefight because I do. 
Current favorite song:
Fresh Beat Band songs because they play on Apple TV. 
Favorite book:
The Mooges Move House because the babies always say "waa waa moogy doogy wee wee low lum" 
Three words that describe me:
Silly because I make Emma laugh. 
Fast because I run fast when I play soccer. 
Loud because I like to yell and jump. 
My favorite season:
Winter because of snow. 
Favorite snack:
Fruit snack because I always eat that. 
One food that I dislike:
Watermelon because I don't. 
If I had one wish it would be..:
I wish to walk down lake and get milkshake. 


Our Weekend

Weekends are always nice, and when you get in some laughter, hugs and snuggles from the family it's even better.  This past week was a hard one and my family and friends have been pretty darn ah-mazing, and Ian...oh that boy is my rock.  


Starbucks and snuggles can always brighten a day. 

One of my BFFs brightened my day with these beautiful flowers. 

Darling, it's bright out and I need coffee. 

Spelling his name and drawing race car tracks.  Those are some swirly tracks. 

Checking out the building across the street. 

Ian took me to Tat's and I was soooo happy eating my yummy Philly cheesesteak. 

Antique fire trucks. 

Checking out a water fall in the middle of downtown. 

Before he grabbed the swing to stop Emma and it pulled him forward and he wiped out.  Good thing he thought it was funny!

She wanted to ride the motorcycle and turns out she's not quite ready for it. She slipped and hit her face on the bar. 

Hope you had a great weekend. This week someone turns the big FOUR. Max is so ready to party it up.  


Brother & Sister

I can't remember if I've ever done a post about my brother and sister.  I thought I might as well embarrass the heck out of them at least once on here. 

Antonio. My little brother that came into the world when I was 13, and I witnessed it and was traumatized.  I can remember the first time you laughed. Oh you made us laugh so hard. You would call me mom when we were at the store and you'd make me so mad. Now Max and Emma will get you back! I can't believe you're a Senior. I'm so proud of you. You are the best brother, uncle and godfather. Enjoy your last year in high school, because before you know it you'll be having a BBQ wedding on the beach in a tornado, or hurricane I can't remember what you said when you were little.  I love you.  Enjoy your Senior year!!

Alicia, oh my beautiful little sister.  I can remember when mom and dad brought you home. You have grown up to be an amazing young lady who has impeccable taste in music, movies and books. You put up with my texts that I think are funny, my sobbing when we watch ridiculously sad movies, and my tweets about fictional characters where I act like they are real people. Oh if only...Augustus Waters. You're the best sister and auntie. I love you. Enjoy your school year!!



We went to a ball park close to home to play and run around. 
Team huddle. 

Emma's catcher, and Max is about to use his imagination to hit a home run. 

Run, Max, run!

Emma took off to the pitchers mound. 

Put your hands in the air!

Watching the older kids play soccer. 

My sweet girl. 

I feel like I'm in jail. 

Max had soccer practice, and after we went for donuts. Donuts after practice is becoming the norm, which I don't mind at all. 

Then later in the afternoon Emma had a fall that ended us in the ER. She's fine now, but we were all scared. 

She looked so cute in the hospital gown. I apparently had the crazy hair, don't care mentality going on...yikes. 

We went to Mercer Island and walked onto the bridge between the island and Seattle. They close it to traffic for SeaFair and the Blue Angels put on a show. It was pretty cool, but the loudness. I've never experienced and felt a loudness like that. Max was not a fan, but Emma had a SnoCone and didn't pay any attention. 

I ended up with a sweet tan. Ian so kindly told me today after I had my tank top on, "Oh it looks like you have a tshirt on!" 

All smiles before the Blue Angels show. 

Give me back my SnoCone lady!