Birthday Survey 4

It's that time again! Max's birthday survey! 

Birthday Survey in Max's Words
Favorite Food
Peanut butter and honey sammich
Favorite sport:
Hockey because I like scoring goals. 
Favorite show:
Justin Time because it's always funny, so that's why. 
Best Friend:
Emma because she play cars with me. 
Favorite thing to learn right now:
I like to learn about football because I like to get a touchdown. 
The thing i do most awesomely is:
I play hockey with Daddy and I beat him. 
If I could go anywhere in the world:
I go to the happiest place on Earth. (Disney Land)
Favorite color:
Red like on the Coyotes shirt. 
When I grow up I'm going to be...:
A firefight because I do. 
Current favorite song:
Fresh Beat Band songs because they play on Apple TV. 
Favorite book:
The Mooges Move House because the babies always say "waa waa moogy doogy wee wee low lum" 
Three words that describe me:
Silly because I make Emma laugh. 
Fast because I run fast when I play soccer. 
Loud because I like to yell and jump. 
My favorite season:
Winter because of snow. 
Favorite snack:
Fruit snack because I always eat that. 
One food that I dislike:
Watermelon because I don't. 
If I had one wish it would be..:
I wish to walk down lake and get milkshake. 

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