Brother & Sister

I can't remember if I've ever done a post about my brother and sister.  I thought I might as well embarrass the heck out of them at least once on here. 

Antonio. My little brother that came into the world when I was 13, and I witnessed it and was traumatized.  I can remember the first time you laughed. Oh you made us laugh so hard. You would call me mom when we were at the store and you'd make me so mad. Now Max and Emma will get you back! I can't believe you're a Senior. I'm so proud of you. You are the best brother, uncle and godfather. Enjoy your last year in high school, because before you know it you'll be having a BBQ wedding on the beach in a tornado, or hurricane I can't remember what you said when you were little.  I love you.  Enjoy your Senior year!!

Alicia, oh my beautiful little sister.  I can remember when mom and dad brought you home. You have grown up to be an amazing young lady who has impeccable taste in music, movies and books. You put up with my texts that I think are funny, my sobbing when we watch ridiculously sad movies, and my tweets about fictional characters where I act like they are real people. Oh if only...Augustus Waters. You're the best sister and auntie. I love you. Enjoy your school year!!

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