Months ago Farfaria was nice enough to give me access to their app so that the kiddos and I could check it out. From the moment the app showed up on our iPad, I fell in love. This app is amazing for parents and kids alike.

There are different story lands to choose from which Max loves.  I love that it brings the stories to life for the kiddos. Max chooses the land he wants, the book, and whether he wants the story read to him, auto play, or read himself.  Obviously he can't read to himself quite yet, so that option is up to myself or Ian.

The app goes as far as to level out the book for the kiddos as well, which is ah-mazing!  There are over 700 books in the FarFaria library, and they add 5 new books each week!  This is something I love, because we don't always make it to the public library each week, and I know FarFaria will keep Max and Emma happy with all the book choices.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Google Play. So get to it and download this awesome app for your kiddos.   You won't be sorry!

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  1. How fun!!! I hope all this stuff is still around when my little one is older!