High Five for Friday

It's Friday so I thought I would jump on the High Five for Friday train and share my favoritest moments of the past 5 days.  

1. This is my first High Five for Friday, so high five to that. 

2. Emma's face after she climbed on to Max's bike all by herself.  Lucky for her Max thought it was funny she was on his bike, and not mad.  He's learning that what's his is hers.  A lesson he'll need once he's married, so he's learning it young. 

3. The weather is finally cooling off here, and we are loving it!  We went to the park yesterday, and apparently the baby swings are not something we like anymore.  Emma played the whole time with her brother, without my help.  Sad face.  He was showing her how to swing before she slides.  Luckily she can't quite reach the bar to get her swing on.

4.  Max signed his name on his Thank You cards that are in the mail as I type this.  He did it by himself and would spell it out each time he wrote it.  I died over the cuteness 6 times. 

5.  3 of the 5 days have been pretty great, and after having a rough couple weeks, this makes me happy times 3.

Happy Friday, and happy 3 day weekend!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up! Your kids are too cute!!! Yay for joining up! I love all the Friday link ups! Have a great weekend