Our Weekend

Weekends are always nice, and when you get in some laughter, hugs and snuggles from the family it's even better.  This past week was a hard one and my family and friends have been pretty darn ah-mazing, and Ian...oh that boy is my rock.  


Starbucks and snuggles can always brighten a day. 

One of my BFFs brightened my day with these beautiful flowers. 

Darling, it's bright out and I need coffee. 

Spelling his name and drawing race car tracks.  Those are some swirly tracks. 

Checking out the building across the street. 

Ian took me to Tat's and I was soooo happy eating my yummy Philly cheesesteak. 

Antique fire trucks. 

Checking out a water fall in the middle of downtown. 

Before he grabbed the swing to stop Emma and it pulled him forward and he wiped out.  Good thing he thought it was funny!

She wanted to ride the motorcycle and turns out she's not quite ready for it. She slipped and hit her face on the bar. 

Hope you had a great weekend. This week someone turns the big FOUR. Max is so ready to party it up.  

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