Things I'm Loving

~ Max starts school on the 8th, and I'm so excited to pack his lunch! I've been searching Pinterest for some ideas. Obviously.  I'm sure I'll be instagramming up a storm once school starts.

~ This blog, this blog, and this blog I love and get giddy with excitement when there's a new post. 

~ I'm loving the change in weather (finally) and having to shop for the littles. This will be a must have for Max, and this one for Emma. Hello Fall, and cute clothes for the kiddos!!

~ This song, because it's catchy and gets stuck in my head for days.

~ This author and all her books are so good.  This one and this one are my favs.  I can reread them over and over again.  That's love.

~This show  I've watched a bajillion times and I'm currently in the middle of season 5.  I always cry, and I always wish they were real people, and I know this makes me weird, but I don't care.  If you haven't binge watched on NetFlix I highly recommend doing so this labor day weekend.  Make it a good one.

~I love all the items in this Etsy shop, and it makes me miss being in the classroom.  I can decorate the playroom and make it the kid's classroom right?

The kiddos and I are attempting to go to the Sounders game today.  I welcome all prayers and happy thoughts our way. Thank you! 


  1. I can't believe he is ready for school. That's too soon!! We need to catch up soon!

    1. I know it's so crazy! We do need to catch up! Hope all is well!