Throwing Shade

It's been pretty eventful in our household. I told Max on Tuesday if his behavior was stellar on Wednesday we could make cupcakes. Wouldn't you know he was awesome. He was a great helper, big brother, and listener. Emma on the other hand....she's been watching Max. I told her the forbidden no and her sassy self stomped at me. Stomped. Then she picked up a toy and threw it across the room! Max doesn't do that, but he's a stomper.  I put Emma in time out for the first time and the look she gave me. She is an amazing dirty look thrower, or throwing shade as the cool kids say these days.  So no cupcakes for Miss Sassypants. 

Moments before it all went down...

I started running again, because I have another half marathon in November. Why I signed up for another I don't know. Well actually it was for the chocolate. There's a huge table of chocolate goodness waiting at the finish line. Best race ever? I think maybe.  When I stop running and start up again my body goes into shock, and I feel like I very well may die. JK, but my legs burn. 

I purchased airline tickets for my first girls weekend ever and my first time away from both kids and the husband. I'm totally freaking out. Freaking out

Besides throwing shade Emma's favorite word is what. She walks around with an old cell phone saying, "What?!" It's pretty adorable. 

She's also been an avid birthday card reader. 

I'll end this with a little #tbt of Max in his Steelers gear, because football season is upon us. 

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