We went to a ball park close to home to play and run around. 
Team huddle. 

Emma's catcher, and Max is about to use his imagination to hit a home run. 

Run, Max, run!

Emma took off to the pitchers mound. 

Put your hands in the air!

Watching the older kids play soccer. 

My sweet girl. 

I feel like I'm in jail. 

Max had soccer practice, and after we went for donuts. Donuts after practice is becoming the norm, which I don't mind at all. 

Then later in the afternoon Emma had a fall that ended us in the ER. She's fine now, but we were all scared. 

She looked so cute in the hospital gown. I apparently had the crazy hair, don't care mentality going on...yikes. 

We went to Mercer Island and walked onto the bridge between the island and Seattle. They close it to traffic for SeaFair and the Blue Angels put on a show. It was pretty cool, but the loudness. I've never experienced and felt a loudness like that. Max was not a fan, but Emma had a SnoCone and didn't pay any attention. 

I ended up with a sweet tan. Ian so kindly told me today after I had my tank top on, "Oh it looks like you have a tshirt on!" 

All smiles before the Blue Angels show. 

Give me back my SnoCone lady!

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